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Sunday, September 22, 2013

These Three

We had a wonderful end to summer and have LOVED the start of school and Fall!!  Look at these turkeys on their first day of school:

Annual chair picture - Turner is in 4K, John Burke 3K and Collins is in MDO
And outside - they are getting so big!
Turner with his sweet teachers, Jenny and Jennifer
Turner is seeming really old to me.  He will be 5 in December, and he definitely looks like it!  He is so tall, and lately is so curious.  He has always struggled with listening - to me, teachers, etc.  But he seems to be paying attention this year.  He is picking up on details from his favorite tv shows (example - the other day he explained all about a sperm whale.  I didn't have the heart to start in on the inappropriateness..he was so excited)  But he also seems to really be listening at school to songs and stories and even how to start writing his letters.  The teacher in me got really excited about seeing his little handwriting for the first time.
This morning one of the local churches had a show on tv.  He heard the pastor say "Jesus" and he stopped, looked at me and said "Did he just say Jesus???  I know him!!"
Also, he starts a lot of his sentences with "But, hey..."  I have since caught myself saying it.  And he is very LOUD.  A lot of times I have to bring him down several octaves.  One of his teachers told me at pick up the other day that they were "working on volume" with him.  Imagine that.  Then Heath subsequently let me know that he had to go to speech therapy as a child for how loud he was.  Imagine that.
He is very affectionate.  He's always saying "I love you so much."  He is sweet, and I hope he stays like that!!  However, he and John Burke like to fight like animals...
Here is Mr. Too Cool on his first day with his sweet teachers, Jennifer and Adrienne
John Burke is a MESS!  He is every bit of three years old, and we are all feeling it.  He is cuddly and can be sweet, but he doesn't wake up in a good mood every day like Turner does.  Attitude is his middle name.  And he has decided to give up his nap for the most part and it is wearing. me. out.  See, Turner gave up his nap before he turned 3, but he will sit quietly and still (except to steal snacks) and leave me alone!  John Burke has to be in my sight at all times, or he will color on the staircase with crayons (a couple of weeks ago) or cut his own hair (the day they worked with scissors at school).  UGHH!  We went to the Braves game, and he kept saying the field was called "Turner and John Burke" field, because his little jealous self couldn't handle the field just being Turner Field.
His teachers have told me how sweet he is.  When a friend was hurt the other day, he sat with them until they felt better.  He is kind like that...when he wants to be!  But, they also let me know they are seeing more of the whole picture of him.  They love how he cuddles up to them, but he is also bossy and just happened to get in trouble this week for leading his lunchroom table in a chant of "potty words."  That stinker.
He LOVES music and singing more than the other 2, and has also been taking private swim lessons.  Last year, he took lessons under the Swim Nazi and was swimming at age 2.  But it was a little early to stick, so I have had him with a sweet girl at our gym named Kristy.  He LOVES the uninterrupted attention, and has totally moved past his fear and is doing great in the water!!  He likes to show off - diving down in the deep end and getting 4 rings in one swoop!  I am proud of him for sure.  
I will say that one of my favorite things about John Burke is how much he loves "his baby" Collins.  They are best friends and it makes me laugh!
Which brings me to my full-fledged toddler, Collins.  Colley Wolley Doodle, Call Call, etc.  She is also a MESS.  It is making me realize Turner has been my easiest child by far!!
Here she is with 2 of her teachers, Wanda and Brittany
This little lady has NOT enjoyed the transition from baby to toddler.  Even though today she is 20 months old, so it is a little late!!!  She goes to her class 3 days a week.  They have made her wear shoes and eat lunch at the toddler table.  This little weasel has missed being held all the time and relaxing in her baby swing.  But, now that it has been a few weeks I think she is hitting her stride.  And, MAJOR NEWS!!  On September 10th, she took her first few series of independent steps.  And the next day she started WALKING!!!  Major praise!
At her 15 month appointment, I told her doctor she wasn't even pretending to show readiness for walking.  It wasn't bothering me too much, except that I knew she was several months away.  Wouldn't even put weight on her feet.  
I got her checked by her orthopedic 3 different times (since she broke her ankle in January) to rule out any bone problems.  Her pediatrician said they don't usually refer to therapy or even worry until 18 months, but she went ahead and said I could opt for therapy if we wanted to.  So, I signed up - warning Collins that she had to walk by the end of the summer.
Well, Princess did NOT enjoy therapy.  Screamed the first 4 sessions for the entire hour and refused to put weight on her feet until the 4th session.  She was so miserable that I got kicked out of each session and banished to another room so they could wrestle her into working on her walking.
Some action shots - this one was in the gate trainer.  She particularly hated this one, and would only walk to the Florida Georgia Line song "Cruise" and "Earl" by the Dixie Chicks.  Randomosity from my Iphone.  So, we played these songs over and over again as she walked the hallway of Children's.
This was more accurate of her expressions while there.  So mean.  Ipads worked momentarily, but she was NOT having it at therapy.  Luckily, her sweet therapist Lindsey pushed through it with her and showed her some tough love until the little Princess decided it was time.  About the second month of therapy Lindsey looked at me and assured me this was all about stubbornness.  It made me feel better - that was what I was assuming, but I am thinking the years ahead are not going to be beautiful as mother/daughter:)
Here she was the other day with sweet, patient Lindsey
She couldn't graduate until she walked 500 feet - so we made her get to steppin'!!
Now she is so proud of herself!  She is walking everywhere and getting stronger every day!  The boys love to watch her and help her, and it was fun to see how excited they were for her!  No more scooting on her bottom like a little monkey.  But she sure did make me wait a month past the time I set - I had informed her 18 months was her limit, and of course she pushed it to 19 and a half!!
And I have to include some cousin pictures
This weekend Lindsey and Brandon and the kids were in town, and we were able to swim one last time with Pop Pop and Uncle Derek.  They had so much fun!!
Derek with John Burke and Chloe
Collins mostly watched
What a fun grandfather and uncle!!
Fleeting sweet moments
I am loving watching these little monkeys grow up.  I see how fast time is passing and even though they are exhausting, it is a blessing and I am thankful!

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  1. Preciousness!
    Every now and then Collins makes a face in one of your pics and I see Ellie. Strong Henderson genes. :) They are all too cute.