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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Highlands trip

Last year, our dear friends planned a fabulous trip to the mountains and invited us to come along.  We had a ball, and we were thrilled when they were brave enough to plan it again!  You see, they are very organized and together, and we are not usually accused of that in this family:)  Well, Heath maybe, but not the rest of us...
Turner and his bud enjoying the view at the top of the mountain
Happy hikers on a snack break
Last time we stayed in Franklin, North Carolina.  This time we decided to stay in Highlands just to be closer to the trails and action.  While I am not very outdoorsy, I always love to tag along with people with a plan.  They made it so easy - they picked the place back in the Spring, the weekend, etc. and then we met before to talk about food, logistics, etc.  Very unlike me, but my friend inspires me.  Also last year we made the rule that it is an all casual trip - so we don't pack anything except play clothes, workout clothes and pajamas.  Done, done and done!
"Big kids" watching a movie.  Short lived.
And their wild siblings
Better picture of the "babies" - who aren't really babies anymore.  Looking big eating with everyone at the table
It was so relaxing!  I should live life more organized - it was great to get up there and not have to think about meals.  We shared breakfasts and dinners (took turns), and lunch we were on our own.  I usually develop a nervous tick without going to eat for several days, and this year we went to a delicious lunch at Carolina Barbecue so I got my fix.
Best family pic I could get with the lighting...I took my big camera but never took it out of the cabin
We hiked at least 2 trails a day and made sure to make use of the parks around.  The dads took the older boys while we stayed home as the babies napped.  (So I got a nap both days:)).  And at night, we would feed the kids around 5-6, get them bathed and in bed, and then we would eat adult meals and play cards at night.  Fabulous.  And it seemed like a good balance - so fun watching the kids and enjoying the day with them, and then fun adult time at night - without them!
Let's just say John Burke wasn't quite ready for the whole hike every day.  Wimped out a couple of times.  Ugh.  Luckily Daddy has been doing boot camp lately:)

Playing cards on the porch - not nearly as fun as our adult game of Spades.  Which unfortunately the boys won repeatedly:(
My favorite picture.  We hiked down to a waterfall, and of course my boys wanted to swim.  Luckily they compromised with just taking shirts, socks and shoes off.  The water was freezing - a man just behind us was in a full wet suit with his dog.  
We were even able to swing by and visit cousin Ellie for lunch in Atlanta on our way home.  One more weekend of our summer - it has been fun and carefree.  Now I am waving the white flag, and we are all ready for school next week!!  Thankful for one last GREAT trip with great friends to close out our summer!

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