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Thursday, November 17, 2011

She has a name!

Check out that profile - and that creepy eye socket
We figured out a name for our baby girl (still weird to say!) about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It took a while - things we had loved in the past just weren't the same this time around. So, we FINALLY decided on Melissa Collins. She will go by Collins.
Melissa is Heath's mom's name. On a side note, please pray for her - she has been in the hospital this week with pneumonia! She has been such a fighter, and we are praying that she can rally through this and go back to taking care of us all for the holidays!
Collins is my grandmother's maiden name. My mom's mom is one of my favorite people in this whole world. Nanny's name is Elizabeth Collins Frech (what - no fight over Frech?). She has been sick this year and we have almost lost her 3 times, but luckily we have still been able to spend time with her. So, we will have a little namesake on both sides!
If you ask Turner where Baby Sister is, he says "in the neighborhood." What?! The last 2 days he has said "in Mommy's tummy" but that is about it. I like to ask him her name - so far I have gotten Harper and Harpy (his teacher's little girl is Harper) and Mamie? Hmm. Okay. A better mom would probably be talking to him and John Burke nightly and preparing them and such, but that cuts into my denial game.
Anyway, I should have been like most people and had a host of names ready, but I of course did not. So, we feel a sense of accomplishment! Now, to get her clothes, bedding, etc. I am only 27 weeks - that stuff will fall into place, right?
I meant to post this a week ago - I was waiting on a big ultrasound I had last week. At the gender ultrasound they couldn't see her heart, so they had to do another one to check all the parts of her heart. And I had my sugar test that day (Derek made fun of me for calling it that - excuse me, my gestational diabetes test). We passed! Her heart looked great, and it will forever freak me out to watch a little baby dance inside of me on the screen. But, so far, so good. And - she looks identical to Turner and Burkita Jones in utero! I didn't do the 4-D, just because I was already there this week, but I got to see some fun shots of her!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Collins!!! She is going to be a cutie :)

  2. i have always loved the name collins!! we considered collins for this baby girl, but didn't have a family connection to it, so we are going to use something else (elizabeth baker). anyway, LOVE that name!! yay for baby girls!!