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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

What a fun Halloween weekend! We are tired, but full of sugar and great memories! The boys didn't fully grasp what was going on the last few days, but they loved every part of it. :)
On Thursday, we went to CeCe's house (that is what Turn
er calls Lindsey) to decorate brownie haunted houses. This was the cleanest moment:
Kate and Blake were definitely more careful and meticulous...
But we all had fun!
One of the masterpieces!
John Burke especially enjoyed eating it! And, he is obsessed with babies, Morgan in particular. I had to watch him like a hawk because he just has so much love to give, and doesn't know his own strength. Sweet Morgan isn't strong enough for his adoration yet! But I do love how much he loves her!
Friday we went to the Fall Festival at school. This was one of the only pictures I snapped in all of the madness. Turner and his BFF Rutland wearing the same thing. Sidenote - Turner and Rutland love to fight each other?! and they were scrapping yesterday on the playground and Turner bit him!!! So they may not be as tight! But they did hug afterwards and tell each other they still loved each other. Poor Rut was Turner's first ever bite victim!! So sorry, Rutland.
On Sunday night, Evan hosted a fabulous Halloween party! Elmo and Cookie Monster joined us, and we had a ball!
Pirate Evan with her parrot Perry
Uncle Derek was there with Chloe
Precious little Peacock
And Kate and Blake
Thank you sooo much, Evan! You outdid yourself with all the decorations, food and fun for all!
Party time - no CLUE how much sugar was consumed here
Then last night, for the actual Halloween, we went to Martha and John's house. They are dear friends, and I taught their son 5 years ago! It doesn't seem that long ago! Martha cooked for us, John and William entertained, and then we saw several kids that I used to teach while we were trick-or-treating. Sarah Beth was a God-send and helped us trick-or-treat!
This was the scene most of the night - Sarah Beth holding one child and walking with the other.
John Burke's post between houses - he had a death-grip on the candy
John Burke's first time to ever trick-or-treat, though he wouldn't say it - and then the view from inside one of the houses
We barely lasted an hour, but it was so much fun for everyone! The boys are going to be de-toxing today...should be interesting. At the end of the night when Heath and I were gathering costumes and shoes, etc. we caught John Burke helping John hand out candy on his porch.
Picture from the last house we hit. This was not posed, he was just done! We turned around and he was laying on the ground, resting I guess. That is how I felt, too!
Ring Pop in mouth - trick-or-treating did us all in!

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