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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burt Burt

War Eagle! A few things:
One of Turner's teachers told me that she leaned down to kiss him yesterday and he licked her. Of course. Then, just now I leaned down to kiss Burt Burt (Turner's new name for John Burke), and he licked me!! What is up with that??
Last weekend we went to the Mount Laurel Fall Festival. We saw grown men dressed as Ghostbusters. Heath asked them "Who ya gonna call?" not once but twice throughout the day. They emphatically shouted "Call us!!" both times. Wow - I meant to get a picture of them. It was so stinkin' hot outside, but were able to see many friends and even ride the hayride. I was definitely the mom chasing the hayride down the road for the first picture of Turner enjoying a hayride. The husband of a girl I used to work with was laughing at me pretty hard, and told me once I saw them.
Some sweet girls I used to teach
Then on Sunday, Heath went to Atlanta with a friend to watch one of the last Braves games that Bobby Cox coached. He had a ball, and we ended up playing with Kate and Blake (and sleeping at their house) for the afternoon. I worked at church Sunday morning, so Turner rode to church with his beloved "DADDY!!". When he walked in the church, someone had dressed him in a red outfit with smocked gingerbread men and lollipops. Does that scream Christmas to anyone else? When they walked in the door of the nursery, I said "Merry Christmas." Heath had no idea what I was talking about. His teachers noticed, but sadly they have seen him in everything, so I wasn't embarrassed. It made me laugh really hard. Heath said that next time I should be more specific about what I want him to wear. However, Aunt Lindsey noticed right when we walked in her door! Merry Christmas early??
I almost forgot that we went to the zoo on Monday. Uncle Derek was off of work, so the 3 Starr kids took the 5 grandkids to the zoo. Lindsey made the comment that we looked like polygamists. Inappropriate to write, I know. But, she was right. Derek was helping with holding all the doors, carrying bags and babies when we needed and entertaining the children when necessary. It didn't hurt that Turner followed him around saying "Daddy". He is confused. I laugh as I type this, because Derek corrected him several times, and then realized he wasn't going to stop. So he went with it. But, I am sometimes "Daddy" and so are Turner's teachers at school, so who knows??
Kate, Blake and Chloe giraffes
Turner is finally starting to notice the animals at the zoo. However, we are still working on calling them dogs. Lindsey and Derek and I were cracking up as he looked at the rhinos with such excitement and yelled "DOGS!!" One day he will tell the difference, one day.
Turner helping Chloe through the zoo
Kate and Blake loved the gorilla. He was huge and kinda freaky because he was half asleep, and then he would open his eyes and stare at us. Turner liked the waterfall by him better. His favorite things were lemurs/spider monkeys/this nasty squirrel that would jump around.
This kept his attention more. And this was the view by the tiger's cage. Derek MADE me take a picture. She was serious.
On another note,
this stinker is such a different baby than Turner. He is much stronger and has a little bit more of a temper. But, he has a sense of humor! He loves to pull my hair, and it really hurts. I will scream, and he laughs and laughs. And he thinks Turner is pretty hilarious. He is such a grabber - much more than Turner was. He knocks over plates and cups from my hand, and he tries to put crackers and things in his mouth. Probably because Miss Kina let him try a cheese puff at school. She said he liked it. I am sure - but we are not jumping to food like that just yet!! Let me have my baby a little longer!!
Turner is finally noticing John Burke. Yesterday, the baby was awake earlier than Turner. He was hanging out in my bed as I got Turner up. I pretended like I lost John Burke and started saying, "Where is the baby?" He dropped everything and ran to my bed. He started pointing and saying "Baby Burt Burt!!" Oh, so he does acknowledge him. I can't tell when he says "Burt Burt" if he is trying to say "Brother" or "John Burke" or a combination. But it is funny.
Then, he wanted to sit in the bed and read a book to him. Fine with me - then I can get ready easier!!

Today I put them in the bath together for the first time. Honestly it was because I never get around to bathing the baby as often as I would like. His tub has been in my room, and he is asleep whenever I remember he hasn't been bathed that day. (Total second child thing - I used to love to bathe Turner almost daily at this age. Poor second child!) Anyway, John Burke loved it! Even though he kept having someone's bottom in his face!! The thought occurred to me that he will never know a world where he is not kicked, or doesn't have brother in his face all the time. Oh well.
Randomly, the Sarah McLachlan song "I will remember you" is on one of the tivoed shows I am watching right now during naptime. Oh, the memories from high school and BCS prom! (I am sad Gina is out of town right now, or she would hop right on commenting about that). Ha - I wish I had a picture. I will leave you with this - "Don't let your life, pass you by. Weep not for the memories..." :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Both boys are napping, praise the Lord!! So I will use this time wisely to update the blog. I need to post more often, and not do a novel every time...
Today we had a great day outside - it was so beautiful! We went to the Pumpkin Patch with Evan and York. We were going to go to a full fledge patch/farm - but we ended up at a church with pumpkins. That's more how we roll.
Speaking of rolling, Turner may or may not have knocked over a pumpkin, making it roll about the length of a football field off a cliff-like driveway. How does he do these things??
The scene of the great pumpkin roll-n-run - right underneath the black thing, down a driveway, off the side of the cliff. Oh well.

We looked at pumpkins and played among them for 10-15 minutes. Made me glad we didn't pack up and drive to a big pumpkin patch/farm just yet. Our attention spans are pretty short!
Here are the pumpkin inspectors - I didn't even buy one. I should have, but balancing 2 babies, a purse and a camera were enough.
They look like scarecrows in that one
Look who they found!
York took a sweet picture with John Burke - Turner would have nothing to do with it!

Afterwards, we went to play at the park. I didn't get a picture of the small boy who spoke a different language and continued to throw dirt at these 2 boys. I am gonna let it go.
They look like they are posing. No, just longing to be in the water. And Turner was yelling to imaginary ducks?!
I was the cool chick feeding my baby on the bench, so Evan took some fun pictures of the boys.
It is a good friend to be 34 weeks pregnant and chasing 2 almost 2 year olds around! I love her!
Then we went down to Edgewood and ate outside. And we got some pretty cute Halloween costumes - I love dressing my kids up. It makes me laugh so hard.
Funny story - the other day Lindsey and I were looking at this little monkey and trying to decide who he looks like. We see a lot of my dad (Pop Pop) in him at times. We said to 3 year old Kate, "Who does Turner look like?" She said "A little Pop Pop." Then we said, "Who does John Burke look like?" She said, "A dinosaur." Hmm. Okay - we laughed really hard. Where does she get that??
Pumpkin Dinosaur

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, well, well. Look who got to be the guinea pig for the young Supercuts worker last week. Yep - sheared like a sheep. But, here was the before picture.
Right - out of control. His hair was way too long and it was driving me CRAZY!! My girl couldn't see him all week, and the only time was during naptime. I don't think so. So, we just went to Supercuts. I should have learned my lesson last time, or when NO ONE was in their store. Oh well, it will grow. And it has made me laugh and laugh.
He did behave while we were in there. A bag of Skittles does wonders for his self-control. However, by the end of the shearing, the Skittles had hair on them. Wow - too much information. And don't think that would stop this guy from eating them!
This piggy after devouring a chocolate baby bite in one bite!! And the hand means his little OCD self would like to be cleaned off!
Lately, he has been convinced that he is able to drive. He says "I drive" or "keys" or "Daddy car" over and over and over. And sitting in the driver's seat is not enough - he requests keys as if he is going to turn the ignition and get started. He truly believes that he can and will drive, and we are just not letting him. The fits that go on when he has to get out of the driver seat. Have I mentioned he is strong-willed?
Last night, my car was in the driveway (had something to do with a roach bomb and the 30+ dead roaches that were being killed in the garage - UGHHHHH). Heath was moving it into the garage, and I asked if Turner could drive. Hilarious. He actually looked back as they were in reverse. I shouldn't be surprised - he does spend half of his life in the car! For real.
Meanwhile, this little rapper and I have shared a sinus infection this weekend.
It is finally passing, but he has had to be held all weekend! Part of me is over it, but part of me likes that he has to snuggle. He won't be little for long!
He is 5 months old. He loves to roll on to his stomach, but gets frustrated once he is there for a while. He is pretty shameless when it comes to someone holding him or talking to him all day. The little attention hound! And he has a pretty good sense of humor. I love watching him watch his brother and laugh!
Look at that little booty!! So cute.

This is his favorite position these days, except his legs are usually out in a V. I couldn't get a picture of it, of course. He was doing it the other day when I went in his room at Mother's Day Out. His teacher said he giggled and did his legs like that so much while she was changing his diaper that he would "have to buy her dinner" if he did it again.

On a grown-up note, we copied my friend Jami and bought a battery powered nasal aspirator (instead of the bulb we got from the hospital). I love it. Sad, I know - but it cleans his nose out so much better. Ah, the things that excite me these days. I realize what a different life I live when I almost shouted for joy at pre-hard boiled eggs at Publix. I got way too excited, but this is the glamour these days!
Turner and his friends wish you a Happy Fall! He really sleeps with all of these...