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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Both boys are napping, praise the Lord!! So I will use this time wisely to update the blog. I need to post more often, and not do a novel every time...
Today we had a great day outside - it was so beautiful! We went to the Pumpkin Patch with Evan and York. We were going to go to a full fledge patch/farm - but we ended up at a church with pumpkins. That's more how we roll.
Speaking of rolling, Turner may or may not have knocked over a pumpkin, making it roll about the length of a football field off a cliff-like driveway. How does he do these things??
The scene of the great pumpkin roll-n-run - right underneath the black thing, down a driveway, off the side of the cliff. Oh well.

We looked at pumpkins and played among them for 10-15 minutes. Made me glad we didn't pack up and drive to a big pumpkin patch/farm just yet. Our attention spans are pretty short!
Here are the pumpkin inspectors - I didn't even buy one. I should have, but balancing 2 babies, a purse and a camera were enough.
They look like scarecrows in that one
Look who they found!
York took a sweet picture with John Burke - Turner would have nothing to do with it!

Afterwards, we went to play at the park. I didn't get a picture of the small boy who spoke a different language and continued to throw dirt at these 2 boys. I am gonna let it go.
They look like they are posing. No, just longing to be in the water. And Turner was yelling to imaginary ducks?!
I was the cool chick feeding my baby on the bench, so Evan took some fun pictures of the boys.
It is a good friend to be 34 weeks pregnant and chasing 2 almost 2 year olds around! I love her!
Then we went down to Edgewood and ate outside. And we got some pretty cute Halloween costumes - I love dressing my kids up. It makes me laugh so hard.
Funny story - the other day Lindsey and I were looking at this little monkey and trying to decide who he looks like. We see a lot of my dad (Pop Pop) in him at times. We said to 3 year old Kate, "Who does Turner look like?" She said "A little Pop Pop." Then we said, "Who does John Burke look like?" She said, "A dinosaur." Hmm. Okay - we laughed really hard. Where does she get that??
Pumpkin Dinosaur

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  1. Kelly, I have been blog stalking for a while but I am now out of the closet! And i have added you my to blog list! You crack me up and i pray my future child gets into to covenant so you can corrupt my child! your boys are precious! Please tell your husband I said hello!