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Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, well, well. Look who got to be the guinea pig for the young Supercuts worker last week. Yep - sheared like a sheep. But, here was the before picture.
Right - out of control. His hair was way too long and it was driving me CRAZY!! My girl couldn't see him all week, and the only time was during naptime. I don't think so. So, we just went to Supercuts. I should have learned my lesson last time, or when NO ONE was in their store. Oh well, it will grow. And it has made me laugh and laugh.
He did behave while we were in there. A bag of Skittles does wonders for his self-control. However, by the end of the shearing, the Skittles had hair on them. Wow - too much information. And don't think that would stop this guy from eating them!
This piggy after devouring a chocolate baby bite in one bite!! And the hand means his little OCD self would like to be cleaned off!
Lately, he has been convinced that he is able to drive. He says "I drive" or "keys" or "Daddy car" over and over and over. And sitting in the driver's seat is not enough - he requests keys as if he is going to turn the ignition and get started. He truly believes that he can and will drive, and we are just not letting him. The fits that go on when he has to get out of the driver seat. Have I mentioned he is strong-willed?
Last night, my car was in the driveway (had something to do with a roach bomb and the 30+ dead roaches that were being killed in the garage - UGHHHHH). Heath was moving it into the garage, and I asked if Turner could drive. Hilarious. He actually looked back as they were in reverse. I shouldn't be surprised - he does spend half of his life in the car! For real.
Meanwhile, this little rapper and I have shared a sinus infection this weekend.
It is finally passing, but he has had to be held all weekend! Part of me is over it, but part of me likes that he has to snuggle. He won't be little for long!
He is 5 months old. He loves to roll on to his stomach, but gets frustrated once he is there for a while. He is pretty shameless when it comes to someone holding him or talking to him all day. The little attention hound! And he has a pretty good sense of humor. I love watching him watch his brother and laugh!
Look at that little booty!! So cute.

This is his favorite position these days, except his legs are usually out in a V. I couldn't get a picture of it, of course. He was doing it the other day when I went in his room at Mother's Day Out. His teacher said he giggled and did his legs like that so much while she was changing his diaper that he would "have to buy her dinner" if he did it again.

On a grown-up note, we copied my friend Jami and bought a battery powered nasal aspirator (instead of the bulb we got from the hospital). I love it. Sad, I know - but it cleans his nose out so much better. Ah, the things that excite me these days. I realize what a different life I live when I almost shouted for joy at pre-hard boiled eggs at Publix. I got way too excited, but this is the glamour these days!
Turner and his friends wish you a Happy Fall! He really sleeps with all of these...


  1. A battery powered nasal aspirator? Does he scream when you use it? I don't even suction Little Bit's anymore because she SCREAMS when I pull the bulb out...

  2. Hey--I know you don't know me but I follow your blog. I graduated high school with Candi and Jay, so of course I know the rest of the family. Anyway, my almost 2 year old boy thinks he can drive too. He does all the same things.... asks for keys when we walk out the door, and says "I drive" like he's offering to be nice and drive me somewhere. I let him get in the drivers seat, roll down the windows and lock the door when I really need to do something. It's a good babysitter for at least 15 minutes. Nothing else holds his attention that long.