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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend was very nice and very busy. We had a lot of firsts! We also had a second birthday party for Turner, but I am going to make that a blog in itself because there were so many pictures!
We went to Andalusia for Wednesday and Thursday, and this guy went fishing for the first time:
Turner with Daddy and "Pap"

Heath and his dad and brother went to the pond at their house in Andalusia, and guess who tagged along! He had a ball - Heath said he threw rocks in the pond and screamed "AHHHH" in the woods to hear his echo (I might have taught him that in stairways and such). Heath commented it was the loudest fishing excursion ever, but he still caught some!
We went to Granny's for lunch and it was delicious. At the end, she offered us the rest of the turkey. Heath and I brought it home - we have been eating a lot of turkey sandwiches and tonight we had Turkey Italian soup. It was actually good! Anyway, it was hot outside! We played outside and even sat out on the porch because it felt so nice!

Burke Burke eyeing Granny
In Granny's backyard
Playing with the "balk" with Uncle Jonathan. On a sidenote, Turner said "Auburn" for the first time this weekend because his beloved ball is an Auburn one. He also has said "Turner" for the first time in the last few days, but refuses to repeat it. He thinks it is funny to tell us "No!" when we ask him to say it again. Ughhh - of course.
Hanging out on the porch swing with Ellie and Uncle Jay
And this cat ate his brother under the table! He tried dressing, field peas, SEVERAL rolls, and sweet potato pie! He is dying to eat table food, but I am making him hold off a little longer. Don't worry - Turner stuck with his vegetarian diet - chips, Nutri-Grain bars, cheese, etc.
(Have I mentioned that Heath's sister (in this picture above) is pregnant? We are excited she and Jonathan will welcome little baby Stinson in May. They haven't found out what it is yet.)
Then, on Friday we watched the Auburn/Alabama game with some friends. Talk about emotional! Wow. Needless to say, it was crazy!! We had so much fun running in the streets afterward and celebrating the win. Because we were so SHOCKED!! Anyway, that game is nerve wracking every year - this was no exception. I didn't take any pictures that day, but we were decked out in orange and blue!
On Saturday, we ran around and got ready for Turner's birthday party on Sunday. Meanwhile, Burke Burke learned to sit up!! And right on his 7 month birthday - just like his brother. I think their heads take longer to balance, bless them! Oh, and I beat Derek in spades, but that is definitely not a first, right Derek? (Heath won't play anymore with us because of all the "trash talking" - whatever).
And Sunday night, I was able to meet Perry Harless for the first time! He was born Saturday evening and he is a doll baby! He has a lot of hair, and I swear he smiled when I held him!! John Burke is already so excited about his new best friend!
And, this is how I found John Burke last night. He is trying his hardest to crawl, but he will settle for rolling. And I guess he got pretty far when we were chasing his brother around....
Happy as can be!


  1. Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving! But now if you could teach Turner to yell "take out the trsh" that would be awesome. Also, I did not know you were a trash talker in a game. That does not sound like you at all!! (I miss playing phase 10). You should ask Emily how bad she lost at phase 10 while she was up here, it was bad but a joy to watch.
    War Eagle!!!!

  2. Last time I saw the Henderson home, it was in the rear view mirror...headed to Destin.....remind me one day to teach Turner the ways of the wise