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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sprinkled (and a Summit foreigner)

On Sunday, these sweet friends gave John Burke (and me!) a "sprinkle." It was a blessing to have close friends and family come by and pray with me for this new baby and give him more than we deserve! I felt bad having another shower for another baby boy, but was convinced that every baby needs to be celebrated. Wow - he was celebrated more than I could have imagined. Everyone was so gracious!! I feel like he will have things of his own now. I have to admit, I haven't thought about him as much since Turner is so out in front and all over my radar every day!! So, it was nice to dedicate an afternoon to him:).

Thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful friends! What an honor!!

Every detail was thought out and perfect!!

Mom and Lindsey with me - feel free to come stand with me and look small!

Some Henderson representation

Check out the diapers and wipes he has gotten (and these aren't even all of them) - from Mother's Day Out students, parents, co-workers and from Sunday. What a blessing!! It was so amazing to receive all this help with Turner, and I am so thankful everyone was so generous again! I need to be a better friend when other people have babies!!

I tried to take a picture of just the closet, but someone saw a camera and got so excited. Since he was so dressed up, I let him. And the pajamas he is holding came from the laundry basket I filled and he quickly emptied this morning. What a helper:)

Meanwhile, I went to the doctor on Tuesday. He checked me. Yikes - you know what I am talking about if you have had a baby before! Anyway, afterwards, he said "You are a 2." I thought he meant the station of the baby, because I feel like he is high. (As you can see in these rare belly pics - I am not usually a belly poster! But, I love seeing others - just not my own on the internet (or anywhere!)). I asked him what he meant and he casually said "2 cm dilated." WHAT?! I never made it that far with Turner on my own!! Then he said I was about 70-75% effaced. I just started laughing and telling him to shut up. Glad he knows me! He just laughed and we both agreed it could mean anything. I am not panicked, because it could be another week or 2. But, I am definitely in bag-packing mode! The other night I packed one for me, the baby and for Turner. So many things to think about!!
This also meant Turner has officially moved to his big boy room (and bed, which is still in crib form since he is ONLY 16 months!!). I need to post better pictures on here, but there are still a few last minute things I want to do to it, so I will save that for later! But, he has now slept 2 nights in his big boy room with no problems! I love that about him - he is pretty versatile. I pray that continues!! Here he is the first morning he woke up in there!

Just for posterity sake, I have a pretty unrelated Turner story. On Monday, we were running errands. We went to the Summit. I decided to let him walk with me (ha! or near me) in Belk, because I was just making a quick return. I left the stroller in the car. He ran through the parking lot and into the doors, after several times of me redirecting. But, when he walked in it was the funniest thing. It was as if he hadn't been in there hundreds of times before. I guess it was a whole new ball game without being in the stroller. He reminded me of a foreigner coming to America. He stared and smiled and squealed at the lights, the mannequins (which he kept walking up to and saying "Hey!"), the jewelry counters, and of course people shopping. The sales associates - luckily - thought it was cute. Because he is LOUD! But, his favorite part was the escalator.
I had to put him on and hold him, but his mind was blown that we were traveling upward and standing still! I wish you could have seen his face!! Of course, in true Turner fashion, the stillness and awe was short-lived. He immediately started running on the second floor. He hopped on the down escalator faster than I could catch him. He was down about three steps and I was running, trying to tread water and run the other way upwards with my little escapee. Finally I grabbed his whole body with one arm. He was dangling and we lunged back up the stairs. Looking back, I guess we could have just gone back down and back up, but I thought he would never stop if he rode it that many times! I wish you could see the looks I get on a daily basis, with this rascal all over the place and this other rascal exploding from my stomach. I have a feeling I know what the people are thinking as they stare! Oh, well. Pray for us as I add more craziness to this mix! Seriously.

Hanging out Sunday - the best cousin pic we could get.


  1. Love it! I wish I lived closer so I could come to all the baby showers :( After John Burke comes you guys will have to come down to Orlando so we can go to Disney World

  2. Hilarious pictures... I stole 2 of them!

  3. So sorry I had to miss your "sprinkle"! Hope you got my e-mail. Love looking at the pictures of Turner and can't wait to see John Burke (love the name, by the way!)