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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hanging Out

Check out those feet. I am proud to say he has gotten better about wearing shoes since this picture was taken. Even his crocs!!

So, I had Turner at 37 weeks, 1 day pregnant. Today I am 37 weeks, 2 days so I am more pregnant than I have ever been! When I went to the doctor last week, I was not quite 3 cm dilated, still 75 percent effaced. So, a little bit of progress. We go again tomorrow, so who knows what they will say??
I am not miserable/uncomfortable yet. In fact, every day I think it will be fine if it happens today, but then I end up being happy it didn't. I am trying to soak up these last minutes with Turner by himself. However, I think he knows something is up because I think he is trying to drive me crazy!
This weekend he managed to learn how to climb up on the couch. It was pretty funny to watch him try and try. He would get his upper body up, but couldn't swing his legs up. Then he mastered it. Now it is his favorite game. For three days straight!! Heath tried to explain that couches were for sitting, not playing. But somehow, that didn't get through to this little monkey!!

What is this face? Who knows?

He is also continuing his love affair with our house phone (that he is holding in this picture). He will stand below it in the kitchen pointing up at it saying "Uh, uuuhhh!" Funny, but disturbing how happy it makes him. Then he proceeds to walk around and jibber jabber like he is on the phone. Half the time the phone is on, so I am trying to make sure he is not calling another country. It would not surprise me. Sometimes I like to tease him and hold it in another room and check the caller ID. When he hears the noise, he loses his mind. And I laugh, until I realize he is really addicted!!
Another thing he has been doing is teething. I am hoping it is his molars, which he seems to be getting. He didn't get teeth until 12+ months (and then so tragically parts, but whatever), so we skipped the whole teething thing as a baby. Which was a blessing! But, randomly he is sometimes crying in the night now. It has happened 3 or 4 times. However, this is when I think he knows something is up. When we go to him, he is laughing and talking and wanting to hang out. Last night I had just gotten to sleep and he did this around midnight. I wanted to be stern, but I let him play for a little while in our room. I just keep thinking this is going to be the last time for a while!! He kept jumping in my face and laughing. I wish I didn't think he was so funny. And luckily he went back to sleep minutes later.
Finally, he has been in his big boy room for 2 weeks now. No problems (except what I assume to be teething stuff). He went one day cold turkey, and has been in there. I tried to get some pictures to show of his "big boy" room. Thank God for nesting and the motivation it brought, though those few weeks were stressful around here until we got it done!!

View as you walk in. Wish I had taken a before of the guest room - so many hours of work (mostly by Heath), and it is a whole different room! Ignore the curtains, my mom still has to sew the valance part on to the brown part. But whatever.

Pictures - all over the big boy room! And that is a t.v. that we never use, but might get around to with a newborn and this weasel to entertain. Who knows? And, I could have pushed the drawer in...

The left side of the room.

Our biggest accomplishment. I WISH I had taken a before picture, but it was too hard to even open up and get into this closet. It was our go-to, throw-anything-in place. Hours of emptying, organizing, reorganizing. Wow. We still have to use half of it for our stuff (jackets, my old school supplies, etc.).

Until next time, we are just hanging out. John Burke - literally! I will keep y'all posted...

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