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Thursday, March 11, 2010


What's up? Just been driving around, looking like a man in my big boy clothes!

Last night Turner was running around in the bathroom and busted on the tile floor. Smack. I was calling my sister and hung up abruptly, and she definitely heard the blood curdling, hysterical screams!
When we scooped him up, there was so much blood! Heath saw it - he was in there with him and I was in the bedroom. He would not calm down, and I finally just had to start pouring water basically on his whole face to get the blood away. Then, when we brought the Motrin over, he started to calm down at the sight of it. Is that weird? The sight of Motrin calms him. He couldn't wait to take it! Then he started breathing enough to take his beloved medicine, and then sucked on a piece of ice. I thought his teeth were gone, but I still saw them. We found a piece of Oreo pie in the freezer and he ate the whole thing. That's when I knew there wasn't permanent damage.

Pie face - talking on the "phone"

Then today I was bathing Prince Charming (who by the way jumped back in the empty-of-water bathtub TWICE after I took him out!), and felt sick to my stomach. His tooth was chipped! Really both teeth! :( This is the best picture I could get.

I called Heath, then called him back to tell him it was both teeth. Then I called the dentist's office. They told me they probably couldn't do anything, but I explained that he looked like a redneck and I just needed them to check it out for me. They laughed (I was truly freaking out), and said he could come in this afternoon. Here he is at his first visit at the dentist with Dr. Chuck and Dr. J.R. Dr. Chuck has known our family since my mom was in college, and he has always been my dentist. In fact, I broke my front tooth in high school (too bad there is no picture of that), and he fixed it for me. I was much more hysterical then. What can I say? I am a tooth person.

Dr. Chuck, Daddy, Turner and Dr. J.R.

Dr. J.R. was at Auburn with us, and he was actually Heath's camper at Camp War Eagle. Both dentists were very sweet, and very patient with me. They told me that the biggest problem was momma (me) worrying about how he would look in pictures, etc. and Chuck said if he tried to saw it down, it would be extremely traumatizing. He doesn't think it will turn gray, because he doesn't think it hit the nerve. But, he said his tooth will grow with him and that he will wear it down over time. He opted not to gas him and pull out a drill. Instead, they were very nice to Turner, gave him toys and a toothbrush and overall tried to pump him up about the dentist in general. It was very nice. Even if I was tearing up as he said "He will lose them by the time he's about 6." I said "In 5 YEARS!!" Remember, he has only had teeth since 13 months. 2 months, people!! Luckily, Chuck knows me and hugged me and I got some perspective. I have a happy, crazy, healthy little boy - he just might look a little red! :)

Playing ball with MeMe

Otherwise, we have been trying out playing outside more with the hint of some springtime weather. We went to visit the Henderson family in Atlanta this weekend, and MeMe and Pap played with him outside for hours at a time. He ran and ran (and fell and fell). His feet were so dirty, but he had a ball. Especially when Sophie the "daw" played with him. He loves her, and she is a much sweeter dog than a certain pug I know.

We even got some practice with a new(er) baby with cousin Ellie. Turner doesn't really know about the baby coming soon - I guess since I have been in denial, I pass that along to him. Speaking of the new baby, here are some pictures of his 4-D ultrasound. Side note - we are not being super secretive with his name (that makes me crazy when people do that). We are almost 100% sure it is going to be John Burke Henderson - Burke was Heath's great-grandmother (Little Mama)'s maiden name. It will be a double name. I knew a Burke once, and he was very nice but very burly and I am having a mental block holding something my newborn with that mental picture. Weird, I know. I said this with Turner, naming a human is hard.

Mouth open!
This guy loves his hands by his mouth.
Nuzzling the uterine wall. Gross. This one reminds me of this picture of Turner at about 3 weeks (before he looked like himself).

Maybe it is just me.

The 4-D is cool, but creepy. Heath's comment was "We just wasted time and money to look at pictures of Turner." Kind of right, but it was a good peace of mind to see the new little turkey. We had to go twice - the first time he kept burying his head. The second time Turner went with us, and the nurse thought the baby and Turner looked alike. I kept talking to the screen (because that is where the baby was), and saying things like "Come on, monkey, turn your head." It made me think Turner is going to have a hard time when I am talking like a mom to someone besides him. Oh, bless him. Gotta go - currently he is trying to drink a Dr. Pepper can from out of the trash can and setting off my panic button on my keychain. Awesome.

Here's hoping Brother's tooth doesn't turn gray...


  1. Um....WAY to many comments.
    1. John Burke is FABULOUS. So so adorable. Love it
    2. I broke my front teeth when I was a year old (along with a huge gash in my forehead.) Luckily the teeth were fine (and wore down super quickly like the dentist said). The head...not so much. Still gotta scar.
    3. JR as one of your dentist. LOVE him and his wife. He is awesome!
    4. Roddam and I are going to Big Blue wednesday. Join us please. Call you later! (nothing to do with the blog...random I know)

  2. Cade chipped his front tooth as well. i reacted the same way... and those 4d are identical to Turner. Weird.

  3. ok so basically I live for your blogs, and I talk to you all the time. They are so stinken hilarious!

  4. You're so funny. Love your new one's name!
    And don't worry about Turner's teeth. He's a wild man, so he'll probably lose them anyway before age six. :-) Hank chipped a tooth recently and I worried at first about it cutting his tongue, but we haven't had any problems so far.
    Glad to see you all are doing so well. Take care!

  5. So sweet Kelly! I think the baby does look like Turner. I hit my tooth on the McDonald's slide when I was about 4. It turned a little gray...I was not traumatized though. He will be fine!

  6. Paul chipped a front tooth when he was 2, and it eventually turned gray, then we had to have it pulled last year. Really comforting, right? After that, though, I started to notice that tons of little boys have gray teeth, and it just made me laugh because it's just BOYS! They are just so active, and it happens! By the way, little baby looks like Turner, for sure!

  7. Um, I just CRACKED up laughing over the comment "Snuggling up to the uterine wall. Gross." Hilarious.

  8. Quinn has two chipped front teeth as well. They could start a little club. :) We haven't had any problems with them.