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Monday, March 29, 2010


Oh, wow. We have been busy around our house. I am leaving the nursery almost exactly the same for the new baby (because I really love it! Why mess up a good thing??). So, we have been trying to transition the guest room to Turner's room. Bigger task than I thought.
Turns out the guest room has been great! It was a good place to keep clean most of the time and had drawers and a big closet to throw anything we needed into over the last 5-6 years. Great until nesting kicks in and we have had to clean it all out!! This was one fun project I finished this weekend:

Last weekend and this weekend, we transferred clothes into 8 bins (and counting) to take to the attic. You see, none of these were Heath's. A few were Turner's, and I have such a wonderful array of clothes - ha!
**Sidenote - this sounds extravagant. I wish. I just haven't purged clothes. Ever.**
Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter (that I have had the luxury of rotating out in the guest room. Gone now), then my favorites - maternity spring/summer, maternity fall/winter.
The result of being pregnant for 2 years! Basically it was a sad realization that 1. I was holding on to clothes for sentimental value. Really - if I can remember wearing it to Rush my freshman year or a band party for that matter, LET IT GO! 2. I felt even older when I remembered wearing it to teach a few years ago, and "a few" was really 5-6 years! Yikes. 2. I had to make a realistic pile of things that were a few years old, and let's just say my "woman body" wasn't ever going to be able to handle again. Ugghh. Still hurts. 3. I didn't realize how much I have loved Ann Taylor Loft over the last few years. Wish they had a trade-in program, old for new. I would be getting some really cute things. Well, in a few months when I can actually buy clothes again!
Last weekend we also took 4 bags to Goodwill and Heath reshelved the closet and disassembled our guest room bed. We took it and some (many) other things to storage. It was cool that our mattress and box spring wouldn't even fit in my dad's van, so we strapped it to the top of the Jeep. And I forgot to take a picture!! Then we got to drive really slow down the mountain to the storage unit. The same old people that I am usually yelling at for going so slow on a normal, daily basis were probably yelling at us!

Why were we able to get so much done last weekend? Because this weasel was with his Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jonathan in Auburn. Praise the Lord for them!! He had a ball, and they seemed to enjoy him! I told them that it is such a blessing that they would keep him for us, but also enjoy doing it!! I did miss him, but we were only apart 48 hours. My cousin got married, so we had the rehearsal dinner and wedding, so we didn't get a ton of time to enjoy being childless (and I feel this other child with me all the time:)), but it was very nice.
Don't worry, though. We haven't been working too hard! We enjoyed our Sunday School class Easter Egg Hunt at the park. It was hilarious to watch Turner. His favorite part of the hunt was when we had first "hidden" the eggs (thrown them on the ground). Then it was easy for him to pick them up and hold on to them. We put them back to really start, and the big kids definitely dominated!

They were nice, but he would be walking for an egg, and they would swoop in and take it. It really didn't bother him, though, because he didn't know what he was doing anyway. Don't worry - he wandered up the grass to another family, not with us, and took their enormous pink egg. Stole it! The sweet dad said they had just found it at the park and he could keep it, and Turner was off. Luckily, we returned it later - we don't just steal things!! Thief!

Finally, a Gordon update. Heath says on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, "I hate this dog." That can't be good for Gordon's self esteem! I laugh out loud sometimes when I hear him mumbling "I hate you - you stink!" (He literally stinks). Because that is out of character for Heath. But, I joined him briefly in this sentiment last Thursday.
My friend was having a party, so I had showered and put makeup on (doesn't happen every day). Turner had also bathed and dressed, and I was getting ready to put him in the car. Gordon was in the kitchen, on one side of the doggy gate. Turner was in the den, on the other side of the gate. I was throwing everything in the car for the next 5 or so hours because we were running errands before. So, I opened the garage door.
Well, the pug escaped. I ran after him (Turner still contained in the den). "Gordon. Gordon!!" Nothing. Kept going to the bathroom and scoffing at me. "Come back! NOW!" Like that works. Or ever has. He is a lot of things, but not obedient! He runs a few houses down. I follow - but I can still hear my son of many words saying "Dawh? Dawh??" from the kitchen. I figure he is okay.
Then I full out run after him down the street, sweating. "Gordon. Now. I don't have time!!" He looks back and sprints up the hill to the next street. At this point, I can't see our house anymore. I am going back and forth in my mind - stupid dog, unattended child. What to do? I keep running up the hill, because if I don't get him now, I KNOW Heath will see this as a sign from God and he will be gone forever.
I am sprinting (or trying as much as a 33 week pregnant person can) up the hill. I pray that God will send another human for Gordon to see. I can trap him if he sees 2 humans. Even if it is Turner and me. He is dumb like that - but runs free until that second person comes.
Well, a lady is walking her beagle down the hill. Yay!! Well, until she turns and RUNS the other way back up the hill. What?? Gordon is running after them, and gracefully I am running behind. Why did I try to shower??? What was the point? Anyway, I get a few feet from the lady. She is on her phone, and I am still yelling, pleading with Gordon. She looks up and says "Will he hurt?" Have you seen him? Will he hurt? Really??

Picture of the ferocious beast from this morning - not necessarily a looker, but not dangerous!
"No, ma'am. He is harmless, just dumb!" She goes back to her phone conversation as I am trying to contain him. I finally look at her and ask for help and she says "I didn't realize he wasn't on a leash."No words. Why would I be in normal/trying to be dressed up a little clothes chasing this monster up a hill. For fun? "I am not walking him, ma'am. He just escaped from the kitchen. I wouldn't bother you to help me except I have a 1-year old in the house unattended, so I am a little panicked." Blank stare. I try again. "Can you just stand here and I will let him think you are cornering him." She says, "What is his key word?" WHAT?? I tell her, he doesn't have a key word or trigger to behave. He is just BAD!! So she offers him a treat. I take the treat and chase him in a driveway. Finally, he is cornered on someone's front porch. I scoop him up, and he goes for the treat, as if to be rewarded for his behavior. Whatever. I take it back to my helpful?? neighbor. Then, I trek through 2 backyards, sweating to the house. I throw him in the kitchen, where Turner is still standing saying "Uh oh. Dawh! Uh oh." The boy makes me smile, the pug might just be up for grabs!!


  1. Bailey did the same thing last week! She ran out the door when the plumber got here, so I ran down the strret after her in my pjs, holding John Henry who was wearing only underwear. I left Macey in the swing and just prayed the plumber wasn't a kidnapper. I am ready to give her away too.

  2. Kelly, I am coming out of the stalker world and into the "known reader" world (unless you already knew that I read your blog)...this story was HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud (a rarity). Let me tell you, we say the SAME thing to our dogs (the war beagles) every day. It's terrible. They must think their other name is "idiot." Anyway, I have done the very same thing, chasing them down the street (while pregnant) when they have gotten out of the house/yard. Once, they ran out, and I threw Kate in the backseat (as a 5 mo old/no carseat/seatbelt) so I could chase them in the car...I knew I would never get them on foot. And, all I could see as they flew down the street were there white butts. Oh my soul I hated them at that moment.

    And, Abby and I were just talking about Loft clothes the other day. I certainly won't need them all again...not working and all. I wish someone would buy them!!!! They are too nice to waste!!!!

    Just know you have kindred spirits out there!!

  3. I am so jealous of your nesting. I never understood why nesting had to happen while you are still pregnant. I NEED that nesting period AFTER my child is born! Seriously, like right now my kitchen needs someone who is nesting to attack it. Viciously. And you are too funny about your dog. A fenced in yard was the greatest thing that ever happened to our dog... and our marriage. :-)