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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We took this picture at the mall - I guess starting a tradition to continue over the next several years.  I laugh when I look at it because he was smiling!  Maybe that tradition will continue over the next years' pictures, but who knows?!  (Side note - I would not have picked the lovely ivy on the side of the picture, but it came with the package.)
We sent this picture to family in a card.  It was frustrating because I could not find cute, true meaning of Easter cards anywhere.  There were some precious bunny and egg cards, but none that spoke of the true meaning of the season.  In fact, I have never really thought how this has been "secularized."  I am not opposed to bunnies or eggs AT ALL (you will see further in the post), I just have to be careful to keep it in perspective.  I got an email from school the other day (not that I have gone back yet) that said to make sure during our Easter celebrations in the classroom that we do not make it religious, but that we can appreciate the "birth of Spring."  This got me fired up!  I understand I have to be CAREFUL of the religious line in a public school setting, but I DO NOT celebrate the birth of Spring, but the resurrection of my Savior!  That is the message I want to convey to the children (carefully) - it breaks my heart to think that they would think more about an Easter bunny than our Lord and Savior making the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross, and the miracle of His resurrection!  If you know me well, this doesn't surprise you - I don't respond greatly to authority!  Ha!
Anyway, the point is a balance.  Bunnies and egg hunts are not wrong - in fact I love them!  But, it was very refreshing today to be at church celebrating our Risen Lord!  Every year it is such a reminder of the miracle of God sending His only son.  I think I am thinking more about it this year on Turner's first Easter.  I have a whole new thought process about God sending His son for us, knowing He would die!  What a miracle - I adore my little son in a way I never knew I could!
Now, for the balance (almost negating my little rant from earlier)....I made these Easter desserts this weekend.  I have made the cake the last several years, and it took less than an hour start to finish.  I wasn't going to, but Derek asked for it, and I think it is funny!

Chocolate Bunny Cake

Easter Basket Cheesecake

The cheesecakes, however, took a little longer because I decided to get creative late into the night.  The recipe called for coconut.  I hate coconut, so on both recipes I used shaved white chocolate.  I melted the white chocolate down and mixed the green food coloring to look like grass.  Then shaved it with a carrot peeler.  The pleasant surprise was that it tasted pretty good!
Here were some pictures from our day - what a fabulous day to celebrate Jesus with family and friends.  

Turner's Easter outfit - made by my friend Jane Ann's mom

Family Easter picture - hard to get everyone looking :)

Turner took a 2 hour nap with Uncle D on the hammock!

We watched Kate hunt easter eggs and eat her candy - hilarious

Grandsons with GiGi - they both had duck outfits on...our original matching plan for all 3 grandkids got sidetracked with Lindsey and Brandon's move into their house this weekend!  Our seamstress was busy to say the least!

Random - Dad was cleaning the pool and we saw this little gem!  Brown recluse?  


  1. Happy Easter! Love your dessert creations. You make more time to do that than I do and I don't even have a child Aren't we so blessed?

  2. Kelly, Maybe you should have asked your believing friend Katie to make appropriate, balanced Easter cards for you. Did you fire her after Turner's birth announcement and just not have the heart to tell her? Hmmm...I wonder.

  3. Aww, heck no. Why am I just now finding your blog?

    I was about to comment that the bunny cake looks awesome sans coconut. However, I read a little further. Way to go with the white chocolate. Huge improvement. Have you ever tried to chew coconut? You can't. You just have to swallow it and pray it doesn't trip a gag reflex.

    I don't celebrate the birth of Spring either unless you count picking up a box of Claritin at Walgreens.