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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Almost 4 Months

Turner Bug will be 4 months on Sunday.  That is crazy!!  I have never seen time fly so fast!  We took him for his 4 month appointment last week.  He weighed 14 pounds, 5 ounces (oddly the same exact weight as cousin Blake at 4 months) and was 24 and a half inches long.  50th percentile for both.  At 2 months he was 12 and a half pounds (75th percentile) and also 24 1/2 inches long (90th percentile - we are thinking he was a little shorter, though, since he stayed the same this time).  His head is huge to me, but it was 50th percentile this time, and last.  She said he is a "waffler" in growing.  He started out pretty small, grew a bunch, now he is evening out.  I took these pictures of him in his swing, because Heath and I think he looks pretty old in these "big boy pajamas."  

Last Sunday, we had Turner baptized.  It was so special, because Reverend Hay baptized him, and he is the pastor that married us and he also baptized me as a baby.  I wish I could find a picture of that, but mom is not super sentimental, and probably doesn't have one!  :)  
She (my mom) made the gown that Turner wore, and Blake wore it last week for his baptism.  We thought it was beautiful ("we" being Lindsey and me) - Heath didn't share the same adoration for it.  Thought it was too sissy, but that is just what they wear!  And it wasn't even a super long one - could have been way "girlier."  I thought he was very handsome!!

Family pic before church

Close up

Laughing with cousin Ford

He also had a play date the other day with Caroline Ely.  Mary Beth brought Caroline (who is 2 days older than Turner) and Pete, their black pug, over to play with us.  (Side note - Heath keeps threatening that Gordon will be gone soon, but as of right now he is snoring in the kitchen, safe and sound).  Here is a picture.  Caroline is adorable, and her little head is so petite next to Turner.  When I turned around from grabbing my camera, Turner was trying to eat sweet Caroline's little face.  I like to say he was kissing her, but who knows?!  

Mary Beth and I agreed we will resurrect these in about 18 years when they are at Auburn together!

Sorry for the long space in blogging - he is keeping me busy!  I am going to do better in April!  


  1. You look awesome, Kelly, and T-Bug is a hunk! Looks great in the baptism gown!!!

  2. I'm glad I was invited to the baptism. That means alot- really.

    He's so adorable- by the way.


  3. Wow! Little Turner looks so much like Heath!

  4. I'm so glad you posted pictures from the Baptism. His gown is perfect. I guess Heath wanted him in a pinstriped suit.
    Happy Easter,