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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Turner's First Snow

March 1st - Snowfall!

I can't believe how hot it was in December when Turner was born, and now that he is almost 3 months old, it snows!  But, it is fun.  This is a picture of our house in the snow.  It was so pretty all around our neighborhood.  However, Turner did not enjoy it!  See below...

"Seriously.  I hate this."

"Please let me go inside.  I am cold.  I will only open my eyes in the shadow."

Best we could snowman and all!

Right now, as I type the little man is snuggled up in the heat (inside) with a blanket, and he is smiling.  Maybe he will like it better in 10 years when it snows again!!

1 comment:

  1. You are harsh making that poor baby get out in the cold just for a I love it! You're right by the next time it snows here he'll be old enough to enjoy it.