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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Does she have red hair?

Hanging out in the swing...favorite pastime!

That was a question someone asked me today.  I am constantly amazed at who people think Turner looks like - Heath (pretty sure he does, but he doesn't just scream Heath to me), me (I don't see a whole lot of me), my dad, his dad, etc.  But today someone actually said "Does she have red hair?"  I must have looked at her funny, because she quickly said, "Oh, is it a boy?"  Again - blue blanket, anyone?  I thought that was a red flag!  It really doesn't bother me or hurt my feelings, it just makes me laugh.  And think I will FOREVER be cautious when talking to new babies!  4 people total have said he looks exactly like me, and 396 have said he looks like Heath!  We will see...I am just glad he is getting a little face now, you know?
I am loving how well he travels with me daily.  When I was pregnant people would say that he was going to be a baby on the go, and we are not letting them down!  I know someday soon it will be a lot harder for him to go places with me, so I am milking it for all it is worth!
Speaking of going places, is it redneck to take a new baby to the bowling alley?  Pretty sure I know the answer.  Call me redneck.  I think I would have laughed at someone with a baby in a pumpkin seat, but I was definitely that girl!  In fact, a couple of months ago when I was pregnant, I saw some toddlers in a pack n' play at Vestavia Bowl, and did not ever, EVER think that would be me!  However, my husband has fallen in love with bowling.  He mentioned it in his 25 list, but did he mention he has not 1, but 2 bowling shirts - one white that says "Triple H" and a teal one (the 2009 version) that says HHH.  Awesome.  I will try to get him to pose for a picture.
We went to dinner the other night and Heath had some bowling passes (from his league!), so Jeremy and Jeanne went with us.  We had a lot of fun, and Turner just looked around and cooed.  He was great.  In our defense, the bowling alley is smoke-free now.  Does that make it any better?  Hmm.

                            Best picture I could get of a smile...

Turner (on top of becoming a bowling league champion) is smiling all the time now.  It is very hard to get a picture of, but I will try!  He is holding his head up a lot more now, though we are still not Captain Neck Control.  Getting there.  And all last week he slept from 10 to 6 every night, though he woke up at 4 this morning.  But he went back to sleep until 8:30.  I will take that!  He loves his swing (the side to side, NOT the front to back - he let me know that), and kicks on the floor!


  1. Love the blog! So glad we got to do lunch Friday. Maybe I can actually keep up with you and Heath through this since our husbands aren't the best at scheduling get togethers. I love Turner! Can't wait to see you guys again soon, before Turner is

  2. That is so funny about the bowling alley. I actually took Ellie once when Steven had a youth bowling night in Albuquerque. And I'm pretty sure it was not smoke free (we didn't stay long). I think Turner mostly looks like Heath, but I can definitely see you in him.