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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Collins!

This little Elsa-lovin' fool is 3 now!!!  I had a hard time the week she actually turned 3 (her birthday is January 22nd), because my baby is not really a baby anymore!!  However, I am also so very excited.  She is such a "kid" now, and so fun - when not in a moment of drama or theatrics.  Pap and Tappy sent this Elsa doll and jewelry and also a hat in the mail, and that smile was genuinely how excited she was to receive them!  Her teachers at nursery had pulled her hair back pretty tight, but the smile was worth it so I am moving past it.
I didn't get it together enough or in time to have a party for her this year.  My reasoning (besides laziness and the Christmas season thrown in) was that she is just turning 3, and likely won't remember.  She will make up for it with future parties, I am certain, and this is the last year she won't know.  On the actual day of her birthday, we took Turner to school and headed to Build a Bear at the Galleria for our pal Ella Kate's birthday party.  I let Collins decorate an Elsa bear, and she didn't realize it wasn't her own party because her BFF Sims was right there with her.
I love them!
After they built bears, we all headed to the food court for cookie cake and a carousel ride.  I just kept telling Collins happy birthday.  All day she said "I 3 my birthday", but held up the number 4.  Oh well, close enough.  
Then, this motley crew (plus Read) stayed around to eat Chick-fil-A lunch and sing to the birthday her "party"  She didn't know otherwise, so we went with it.
 Cheapest "party" ever.  Glad we pulled it off, and I think Heath would have liked to have been there, if only we would know this would morph into her birthday party.
John Burke did question why we had a 5 candle.  Oh, details.  Again, a thrown together celebration involves buying a cupcake in the Galleria and borrowing Ella Kate's candle.  Collins was none the wiser and had a ball!! I love her for that!!
Eating her birthday cake
That night we met my parents and Derek for Mexican, because Princess LOVES cheese dip and we thought it was only appropriate
 To keep the boys from pestering me about a party for her, and cluing her into a party, I kept telling them we had a surprise planned for Saturday.  Turner could not care less, but John Burke was hooked on guessing what it was.  We told them at breakfast at Chick-fil-A, right before we headed downtown.
We were heading to the CIRCUS!  Ha, Collins didn't really know what that meant but knew real animals were involved and got excited too!  She even let me pull her hair back that day, which she NEVER does!
They each got to pick out a sparkly circus toy, which I have since hidden for future circus attendance because they were like 18 dollars each!!!
All 3 kids were mesmerized.  We all were, really.  The animals, the colors, the clowns, the tight ropes.  So exciting!!
This was as far as we made it.  We loved watching the acrobats on the tight rope stack 3 high!!  So cool!  But then, both boys were begging to go to the bathroom and Collins stayed back with Heath, just in time to have an epic meltdown in our absence.  Luckily, intermission was right around the corner and we convinced the kids that it was our stopping point and made a run for the car.  An hour or half or so was plenty and they had a ball!

I can't believe our little Collins girl is 3!  She "no baby, she big girl" Also, she is very particular about her name and does not care for nicknames.  Only "Col-LINS!" as she says it.  She loves to laugh, loves to play, loves her "appy juice" (which is actually Cran-Pomegranate, but that is how she rolls) and her lovey, Beary.  She will not go anywhere without him and that is just one indication of her strong will.  She loves Daddy "to the moon and back" or "moo-back", but has been in a fierce Mommy stage lately, which I have a love-hate relationship with.  She is pretty laid back in nature and her teachers say she obeys at school, which I am proud of her for but surprised.  She is going to be very opinionated, but on random things.  Sometimes she is a typical third child and loves to go with the flow.  Her brothers are her favorite things in this world, especially "Shon Burke."  However, he knows JUST how to make her slap him in the face, that little instigator.  Thank you, Lord for my 3rd little angel, who I still look at and am shocked she is a girl!!

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