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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Kickoff

Wow!  We have officially been in Summer for about 3 weeks now, and I can't believe I haven't recorded any of it.  So this will be an overload, but I don't want to forget the fun we have had!!!
First beach trip - Mother's Day Weekend
Sweet babies at Baytowne
Trips to the park with friends...getting too hot for much of that now!!
Ahh, but we love the Splash Pad
Heading to a neighborhood party in our jeeps
Water Slide birthday party
Turner's first x-ray...too much fun on a trampoline
Broken wrist!  Luckily our sweet doctor said it was a small enough break that he could brace it for several weeks instead of a hard cast.  Hallelujah!!  Because we were headed to the lake and the beach - and this guy can't miss out on water fun!
Nope, broken wrist hasn't slowed him down
We all love the lake

Boat bottom buddies

We came home from the lake just in time for the neighborhood fireworks show - thanks to Wes and Evan!! (Love this picture she took - brothers sharing a wagon)
Group picture with friends before the fireworks
Perfect celebration for Memorial Weekend

Then these 2 fools practiced sleeping together for our trip to the beach.  We left the next morning for a trip to the beach with my family.  GiGi, Pop Pop, Lindsey and Brandon and their kids and us.  Derek had to stay back to work:(

We celebrated Kate turning 6!!!
We went to the cutest Pirates and Princesses breakfast

On a treasure hunt around the restaurant
A little early for this group
We found gold doubloons (a la Jake and the Neverland Pirates!)
We successfully wore GiGi and Pop Pop out with all the playing!
So many fun memories

Meeting of the minds
The youngest little dolls

Craft time with GiGi one night

Beach playground....what a fabulous and exhausting week!!  It was hard to come home :(
But we have made up for lost time at our new gym/ to hang with one of our favorite sitters, Sarah!
And we head indoors when it rains.  What would we do without water in the summer??
Finally, hanging out at friends' house last night - we LOVE their big kid roller coaster.  Soaking up summer and fun times with friends and family...

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  1. So fun to catch up on all y'all have going!!! Is your parents place at The palms in Orange Beach?