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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


February was sort of a slow month.  I am so glad spring is right around the corner.  We cannot WAIT to be outside more often!  We passed the time in February celebrating birthdays - Mom, Dad and Derek!
We went to a Japanese steak house for Mom's big birthday, and it was perfect for the kids (and the adults!)
We love our that she is in her 60's...:)
Pop Pop got lucky and got pizza at his house for his party:)  We even got him a cake from Dairy Queen...we are so fancy.  (I called ahead and got this beautiful script)

Pop Pop and Double Chin
This was the way the kids wanted to celebrate him, and luckily Dad is nice enough to indulge them!

Stacy planned a little celebration for Derek's birthday - a surprise party at Superior Grill.  These were the best pictures I got, but we all loved sitting on the (covered) deck and listening to live music and eating some fun Mexican food.  Happy Birthday Uncle Derek!!

Heath was off work for President's Day, so we were able to meet some friends at the park with Daddy.  He was a sport as the moms chatted and he sat in on our play date.  Not sure he wanted to make it a permanent thing, but he had fun that one time.

We also went to visit Nanny.  John Burke has been begging to see my grandmother, so we stopped by one night and said hello to her.  Cute little Nanny (a little blurry)
John Burke has been potty training and he asked Nanny if she knew how to tee tee on the potty.  She assured him she did!  I think she was also a fan of the track suits they were wearing...she had a velour one on herself!  
Stop.  His little bottom in underwear.  He is unlike Turner in that he is NOT going back to diapers.  Turner would in a minute, even still.  But John Burke came to me about a month or so ago and had decided to potty train himself.  I subscribe to the lazy method - introduce it a little bit, leave it alone, do not force it on them and one day they will be ready on their own.  At least I am 2 for 2 on this theory.  Turner was a few months after he was 3, and John Burke was a few months I call it a wash. Look at the picture above, though.  Just so I am keeping it real, that is 2 days in a row that there has been urine on my wall.  So, let's just say we are still working on aim.  Boys are gross.
I want to remember things they are saying and doing right now.  Turner has been having some better streaks of listening and obeying at school.  We are taking it a day at a time.  He is loving the Ipad as a reward in the afternoon, we are very into looking up Transformers these days?!  I don't like them very much, but I am learning the difference in Decepticons and Autobots, etc.  So exciting:)  He loves to say things like "18 years ago..." - that is his latest phrase.  It makes me smile because it means absolutely nothing to him, except some vague time in the past.  18 years ago I was in high school.  Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago to me either!
Also, our Chick-fil-a has been closed for renovations since February 1st.  We were SO excited this past Saturday when they opened back up.  We even looked past the broken milkshake machine.  I am not kidding, it made me appreciate our Chick-fil-a way more than I ever did.  I have been driving crazy out of the way for my large half-and-half tea that I dearly love.  And one nearby location gave me half unsweet tea and half Dr. Pepper.  Clearly, ours is the best...they would never do that!  Anyway, Turner asks daily when "OUR Chick-fil-a was opening back" as well as the Target that is about to open up near our church.  The little things.
Insisting on getting Collins' bottle - he likes to get it out of the microwave and put the top on it and carry it to her.  Who am I to stop him?
John Burke seems to be the one changing the most right now.  He is so intent on being a big boy.  Kina is still his hero.  Yesterday in the car he was singing "Hey shawty, it's your birfday!"  Also, he calls Collins "Bald Head", which is what Kina calls her.  He also only calls my car a "truck."  I heard him yell to Turner to get in the truck yesterday, and then he looked at me because he knows that drives me crazy!  He really took the cake and made Kina proud the other day when we were watching t.v. and he looked at me and said "I don't know that white girl!"  No words.

Just some naked time with his best friend
Another funny thing I don't want to forget is how much he loves music.  I overhear him singing Taylor Swift's "We are never, ever, ever getting back together" all the time.  That is his favorite song.  Another favorite is "Arise, My Soul Arise".  Heath listens to that on Sunday mornings on his Ipod speaker.  John Burke loves to sing it all during the week, but sounds Chinese...I hear "Ha-rise!!" all the time.  It makes me laugh.
Here is Bald Head herself.  But the nickname isn't going to last much longer.  There is almost enough hair for a bow, by my standards.  Aunt Stacy thinks she is already past due!  She is weighing in at 20 pounds, so she is catching up to where her brothers were at this age.  She is a great eater, and she is also laughing and squawking and saying "Hey" and "Bye Bye" (with a cute little wave) and "Yeah!"  all the time.  She loves to say "Dada", but has just started saying "Mama".  Finally!!  She will occasionally repeat things that I say, but not consistently enough to be really talking yet.  And she is mastering scooting/hopping on her bottom from room to room, but still refuses to walk. Weasel.
She sort of looks like a bullfrog hopping from one room to another, and he likes to follow behind her.  She thinks he is way funnier than he is:)
One of our friends at church said she can't take Heath seriously after seeing Collins every day.  They really do look a LOT alike.  I am hoping her hair will come in dark like his.  
Hanging in Sister's room - at least they are clothed this time
Come on, Spring!!

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