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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October-y Things

**This is the scene as I am trying to type this - except add an Iphone with Elmo playing on it.  Probably ridiculous, but they are quiet.
He climbs in her bed every morning and insists on hanging out in there, which of course we never have extra time to do.  So I let it ride this morning.
We have had a full October!  I can't believe it is already November 1st, but I am kinda glad!  
Briarwood Fall Festival with our friend York (and Perry, unpictured)
Guess who enjoyed cookie decorating?
Our friend Misty had her annual Halloween playgroup and this was the best picture I got :)  We were going to be Buzz, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story this year for Halloween.  Well, I didn't have the energy to round up a Jessie costume for a baby, so I decided she would be a cow to match her cowboy brother Woody, and in homage to Chick-fil-A, of course.  And my Buzz decided to ditch that and be his current obsession, Ninja Turtle - or 'Asian Turtles' as he calls them.
Group shot - minus Collins, who was feeding herself a bottle and napping in her stroller.  The life of a third child:)
We made these little witches' hats - from Pinterest, of course
This looks sweet - he surrounded himself with 2 baby strawberries, right around Collins' age.  However, Mr. LoveBabiesTooRough couldn't keep his hands off of them.  I spotted him following them around all morning, but he lost it during this picture.  He poked and prodded each one of them individually until they cried.  And then it was our time to exit I am trying to explain that he really does love babies..just too much...Ugh.  Sorry, sweet strawberries.
Heath and I escaped for about 24 hours by ourselves to Auburn for the terrific Texas A&M game.  War Eagle :)  But we did have time to tailgate with wonderful college friends (I think I am smiling so big here because I am not keeping an eye on rogue 2 and 3 year olds for several hours.  Ahh!)  and we had some fun friends from Sunday School sit with us, so luckily I was otherwise entertained!  Oh, and they had paratroopers jump to the middle of the field at half time, and it was pretty cool.  But half the stadium missed it because they had already left!
And here is a shot of Turner with his friend Rutland in their second annual picture at the Covenant Fall Festival.  They have been friends since they were around 9 months old, so I had to document.
We had fun and Heath actually met us here for the Fall Festival.  However, they began complaining about an hour in, and Heath was heading back to work.  So I took my 3 to Target (they beg daily to go there), feeling like it had to be less chaotic than the Fall Festival.  And surprisingly, it was!   Win, win.
On Sunday our neighbor and BFF Evan threw a fabulous Halloween party.  Have I mentioned she does nothing halfway?  It was wonderful, and John Burke was the MVP as he enjoyed every aspect - the jumpy, the popcorn popper, the cotton candy, the games, the FOOD!, the pumpkin chunkin', etc.  Actually, we all had a ball!  So blessed to have them as friends and neighbors!

Their pumpkin throwing contraption.  So cool!
Family shot
Evan the carnival maid with our babies
This week Pap - Heath's dad - sent us jack-o-lanterns full of candy.  So fun to open the package from Pap and then to carry around for 2 days straight and then use those for trick-or-treating last night!  Thank you, Pap!
Who doesn't love this cow??
Finally, last night was Halloween night.  We went to the next neighborhood over with our friends the Dedmons.  They hosted a wonderful chili dinner and then we were able to walk their streets and overload with candy.  It was so fun and the boys ran and ran!

Woody, waiting on Buzz and his cow to trick-or-treat.  Guess I am glad they had so many opportunities to wear their costumes, because he ditched his hat, boots and gun for the big night.  I. did. not. care.
Oh, here was Buzz.  About 20 minutes before we were leaving, he decided he would go back to our original theme and ditch the Asian Turtle.  Great with me, though he also ditched Buzz's hat.  I have learned to just keep going, because they are NEVER going to look as planned.  See the below Happy Halloween picture:)
A little better
And some trick-or-treating in action
Easiest of the three last night - a cow with her milk
We found our friend and babysitter Lauren giving out candy at her house!  
Happy clean November!

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