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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not too glamorous

Just checking in.  Nothing much too glamorous going on in our lives these days - a bunch of school and playing with friends outside and being disappointed with our Auburn tigers.  But life is rich and it is good!  So rich and good I guess that I never have time to remember my "mom camera" - thank goodness for the iphone camera!  Not that I think to upload any of these little gems regularly.  But, maybe I can post twice this month!  I will let the captions speak for themselves...
Pajama Day at school - well, after school when Daddy took them for milkshakes that night.  I wish I had gotten a full body shot of the tight Buzz Lightyear brothers.  So funny.  I probably misuse my mom  powers when I buy these things, let them wear them in public and then laugh a lot about them.  They didn't care one bit about the ridicule, as you can see in their expressions here.  
And another at Chick-fil-A...I won't even pretend we don't go there a lot.  (Yesterday morning when I was picking up breakfast on the way to the zoo I placed my order and they asked through the drive thru if it was Kelly.  I just hung my head in shame and said, "Yeah - see you at the window.") But a drink from there can make my day.  Seriously.  This picture, though, we went all out for Family Night and it was dancing with the cows.  My boys had a ball!  They LOVE the cows.
You know who doesn't love the cows?  Cousin Chloe.  But she is so cute that it doesn't matter!  I should have taken a picture of my boys climbing over her to jump and hug the cows, and Chloe hiding behind them and crying in fear.  Luckily Stacy was there - she has much more compassion than I do:)
I was worried my camera was broken one night and the boys insisted on close-ups as I was testing it out. 
And here are some of sister - look who is finally getting fat?!
Third child in a row to love this bouncer - and I am loving that she is still contained!
Collins with her sweet, precious namesake - she was patting Nanny over and over and she didn't mind one bit.  Makes me smile.
Um, please give me more than this baby food!  So lame.
Trouble here demanded credit because he had just "helped" feed her said baby food.  What a helper indeed.  He also helped us decorate the office last week.
I texted this to Heath and we both noted there was a sense of pride in his face.  We had to laugh.  That is what happens when I try to dry my hair in the morning and let him out of my sight!
Also, he was helping me take Collins to the car in the stroller.  I actually did appreciate this help. 
Mondays and Thursdays are Trash Day, and they wait at the window for the trash man to come use his mechanical arm to scoop up and dump out our disgusting trash can.  Then they squeal with delight!  The little things.
John Burke and his friend Will G. walking out of school like big boys
And hanging out with his friends Read and Elon at the Day School 2 year old ice cream social.  My style icon had to change his shorts from rolling around in the dirt at recess beforehand.  Imagine that.
Had to give sister some air time from school too - hanging with her double chin and her friend Leila on a little stroll.  I selfishly love having a child downstairs with me to check in on constantly - not sure if her teachers love it:)

On Friday, Turner and the rest of the 3K from his school went to a nearby farm and pumpkin patch.  Beautiful day - a little hot, but not too bad.  I just wish I had had the time/energy to wrangle him for more photo ops.  Or put lip gloss on for the one I took with him on the hayride.  Oh well.
Looking for pumpkins
Smiling with his friend Hoke - they weren't feeling this picture
And running by the corn maze with his buddy Hughston
He entertained himself by taking pictures throughout the day.  Most got deleted but I saved a couple like this self-portrait and some of the farm animals he got to see.
Finally, we headed to Auburn this weekend for the Arkansas game.  I know it sounds cheesy, but even though we are not playing well AT ALL, I would still always rather be an Auburn fan.  I am not trying to get on Facebook and start something with statements like that, it is just how I feel.  After the game Heath sat in the car and listened to the post-game show analysis and he looked at me and said "I just wish I didn't care!"  I thought it was sweet, because as much as he would like to give up on them, he can't. I think that is a true fan - we had a great day in Auburn despite the game.  Maybe we can win a few more?!  We'll see!
We stopped at CVS in Auburn to go to the bathroom, change diapers, fix a bottle, etc. before the game.  Look what I saw in the bathroom.  Uncle Derek is a celebrity!  3rd from the right.
Daddy helped Collins with the noise this game - until she fell asleep like a good girl.
And this was the second game in a row we were able to run into John Burke's number one girl - Kina.  He sat with her the whole first half, which was win-win for everyone involved!!  Especially me :)
And my favorite part of the day happened when Lindsey, Mom, Dad and I left the game with the kids and headed to Amsterdam for lunch.  Glorious!


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