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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bullet Style

Doing this blog in bullet style, because I have several random things to jump around to:

- Last weekend we went to the lake with our dear friends Jeremy and Jeanne and Heath's cousin Hannah and her family.  It was a total of 7 boys and Collins and Jeanne's parents were wonderful to host our wild crew!
Best picture we could get - Winston, Henry, Zachary, Averitt, Turner, Sam (Spiderman), John Burke and Collins
- Turner went tubing for the first time and loved it!  In fact, he made it look easy to John Burke, who will not be outdone!
They had so much fun!
Second cousins hanging out
- The weekend before that Laurahelen got married!  She was a gorgeous bride and has an even more beautiful heart, and God matched her perfectly with Thomas.  It was so wonderful to be a part of the whole weekend - watching God bring together two of his faithful servants who waited on His perfect timing!
- I got to reunite with 2 best friends that I rarely get to see, and I laughed a LOT!  So nice to be able to pick up right where you left off.  I felt like we just were in Auburn, except we are 31 now.  I really do forget that on a daily basis, until someone calls me ma'am or I look at my 3 children and snap back.  
- This week, I am witnessing a lot of friends send their children to kindergarten.  And my niece Kate started too!  Maybe Lindsey will feel led to update her blog on such happenings.  Anyway, it just makes me realize how short of a time I have with my babies until they go to kindergarten.  While I know it is a good thing, it makes me appreciate the time I have with them.  Even when they make me CRAZY!!
One last hurrah with Kate and Blake before they started school last week.  We met them in Prattville for a morning at our favorite - Chick fil A, of course
Look at these kids getting older! 
These boys run upstairs every morning to check on Baby Sister.  I had to get this picture of the monitor because they would have never stayed long enough with the real camera.

- One day last week I went to pick up Collins and load her in the car.  This is how I found her.  That is a helmet on her head (with air holes, thankfully) and a toy saw in her lap.  I think she is going to be laid back, because she didn't make a sound when they covered her entire face with the helmet and she was actually asleep underneath when I rescued her.  Ugh!  They just casually camped out by her, so I had to take this picture.
Here she is without a helmet - just realized she is in the Bumbo that got recalled this week.  Safety first.
Reaching out to her boy Sims
And, pulling the paper towel off of the roll.  She loves to grab things and this has been her favorite so far.  I overheard John Burke yell at her in the kitchen the other day "NO BABY!  Her taked my cup!!" as he yanked it back.  I felt kind of proud of her!
He forgave her - giving her kisses
- Turner Lightyear - this has been the summer of mastering potty training.  He has to be to enter the 3K program, and he has done well.  However, I feel like a labor coach every time he goes poop.  He has gotten better, but for a while there I had to sit at his knees and "coach" it out, bringing back scary memories of child birth as I say "Push, push, push...almost there!"  John Burke likes to crawl in my lap and help me, making it a beautiful family affair.  Jealous?  :)

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  1. Heath looks like he could be on the cover of some Outdoor Alabama Magazine on that tube. Does Heath still sport the slolum ski?