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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Collins' Baptism

This little girl was baptized this weekend at Covenant.  We have a new pastor in the last year, so she was our first child to be baptized by Reverend Bill Boyd.  We love him, so we were very excited.
Needless to say, we don't do anything halfway in this family.  It was a hot mess.  I got these pictures from my friend Jami and from my phone because my camera decided to stop working when we got to the church.  I should have seen it as a sign!  
Months ago Jami and I decided to baptize our babies together.  That was the only thing that went right! Here we are beforehand...the calm before the storm.

Collins and Sims hanging out before the service
Sims likes to lean on Collins - he was just jealous of her bonnet...which Heath was NOT a fan of and we just wore for this picture :)
This was the least stressful baptism (overall) of our three, because I knew what to expect I think.  Our church likes for the whole family to come to the front and I KNEW it would be chaotic.  Well, miraculously my dad entertained John Burke at the end of the pew with his trademark tiny notepad and pen that are always in his pocket.
Turner sat by my mom, then Heath's dad, then me.  Of course he hopped around.  And he watched Thomas the Train on my phone...until he figured out the camera.  He snapped 57 pictures before I finally yanked it out of his hand.  Though he was quick, that might give you an idea of how long the little sermonette talking about infant baptism was.  We love our new pastor, but I was sweating and didn't hear a word of it as I was waiting for everything to explode.  Here are a couple of Turner's masterpieces...if only you could have seen my expression.
At one point, I turned to some friends sitting behind me.  I asked them if it was going a little long or in my head...they reassured me it wasn't just me!
Next came our big moment in front of the church.  Before we were called to the front I leaned to my mom and brother and said "If the boys get wild (I KNEW THEY WOULD!!), please come and get them and walk out."  I could have sworn Mom and Derek nodded and agreed, willingly.
We got to the front and John Burke was bucking me from the start.  He might have made it a minute and a half before the paci was in his mouth.  I looked at Derek and tried to get Mom's attention.  (Keep in mind how graceful I am not anyway)  I smiled and nodded, mouthing to come get them.  Nothing.  I tried again - laughing, smiling - screaming with my eyes.  Nothing.  Thank the Lord that I have a sister who gets me!  I immediately turned to the next pew with desperation in my eyes and Lindsey came and retrieved my hooligans.  Phew.
Well, at this point Collins completely lost her mind.  And have I mentioned that she won't take a paci like my other 2 have?  Awesome.  Well, Heath was in proud papa mode and was intent on getting her calm.  Great - I had Turner, who had already gone up to the choir loft and announced he needed to go tee tee.  (While I am proud that he has mastered this, I knew he would choose RIGHT THEN to ask me.  The weasel!)  
Lindsey coaxed him back and our friend Tom even stood up to help her corral them downstairs.  I was busy trying to calm Collins down (to no avail), and Turner sprints back up to the front - from the back wall.  He wasn't missing his moment in the sun and miraculously didn't have to go to the bathroom anymore.  
Here is our pastor about to sprinkle her.  She looks calm but she was probably just taking a breath to reload the screams.  Seriously, she cried harder and louder than maybe I have ever seen her do.  She wouldn't let her brothers show her up.  Appreciate that. 
The only time my little angel calmed down was when the congregation sang "Jesus Loves Me" as the dads paraded the babies down the aisle.  She smiled and smiled then.  At that point, I was overcome at emotion and teared up - at my precious little girl and my love for her and Christ's undying and ultimate love for her, that Heath's mom wasn't there to see it as she was with the other two and I knew that this day was bittersweet for him and that Turner was singing every word in my ear.  It made the day worth it and the Lord snapped me back in - He loves and cares for me amidst all the chaos.  Praise Him for that!
Luckily we made it through, and I am sad to say that while most of the deeper spiritual implication was lost on me, she is blessed and baptized (though obviously she wanted everyone to know she is still a sinner - she likes to keep it real) and I will be able to take it all in better at next month's baptism - when my little angels are tucked quietly away in the nursery.  :)
Afterwards, my family and Heath's dad and our faithful neighbors came over for lunch at our house.  We kept it very easy and had Taziki's cater.  I picked up a chocolate pie the night before and Mom made a peach cobbler and we were able to relax and share a meal in our house.
I cooked a (frozen - I know, so gourmet) pizza for the kids.  Lindsey and I went to Ikea the day before and I had picked up these bibs - inspired by my sister-in-law, Kate.  The kids insisted on wearing them and they were cracking me up.  I want them to think it is the cool thing to wear smocks - it would save a TON of clothes, especially on my dirty little Burke Burke.
Morgan modeling the smock - she is so cute!
Look who was all smiles - that little stinker!!
Except Pop Pop made her a little nervous - I think he was reliving the church service with her!

We love you, little Collins!  All eleven (and a half) pounds of you, my little nugget!

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