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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thomas...and a wedding

This little guy loves him some Thomas the Train. I do not understand why - it is so boring to watch and even listen to when it is playing in the car. But, back in December I bought tickets to go ride Thomas the Train. I really did buy them 4 months in advance, because they have sold out in past years and I didn't want that to happen. And I was 8 months pregnant and not sleeping, so I thought of these things in the middle of the night!!
Walking up from the parking lot - the kids LOVED seeing the "real" Thomas!!
Holding a Scavenger Hunt for all the attractions - these people knew their audience!
Well, our sweet friends the Harlesses made it out there with us and we were able to meet up with Jeanne, Jeremy, Averitt and Zachary. We had so much fun! It was a gorgeous morning out in Calera. The people were very nice and it was such a great, kid-friendly environment! We got to jump on the jumpy, and there was a tent full of train tables!!
There was also miniature golf, a chance to meet Sir Topham Hat (which we skipped when we saw the line!) a tattoo station and John Burke's favorite, a petting zoo!
Since we bought the tickets WAY early, we were able to sit in the first train, right behind Thomas! The boys had a blast and the nice conductor let them stand up as they rode as long as the held the rails!
It was as 20-25 minute ride, and just right in the amount of time. I was very impressed at how organized and thought out the whole event was! But guess who had the best time on the train? This bug-eyed little lady! She smiled and laughed the whole time. She was on the ground of the train, so she must have liked how it felt to ride!
Thank you, Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera for a fantastic morning for our little train enthusiasts! I highly recommend it!
That brings us to this weekend. Our dear, dear friend Kina got married this weekend. She was married at the Botanical Gardens, and of course we had to bring our/her kids to enjoy! They didn't even make it long enough for Kina to walk down the aisle (but she did take her precious time!!), Heath took the boys to the back of the gardens. They were able to yell and wave at her while the vows were going on. Her biggest fans from afar!
Our best shot at a family picture, especially since we didn't do one on Easter!
John Burke and one of his teachers, Wanda - He sure is shameless with these women. Runs right up into their arms
Dee - another one of John Burke's teachers
The groom - Neal
Our favorite bride, Kina!
Their beautiful daughters, Morgan and Mikayla
The happy couple - Mr. and Mrs. Neal Owens
We love y'all!!! Thank you for all you do for our kids!!
Enjoying her first wedding. She is growing so much and is 3 months today!! We love you Baby Sister!!

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