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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Boy

In the last few weeks, I am really noticing Turner changing from a toddler to a little boy. Don't get me wrong - we still have a ways to go, but it is exciting and heart-breaking at the same time to watch him change. Well, heart-breaking is a little strong, but it does sting a little.
He is now in "big school" upstairs, and very quick to tell John Burke that he can't come up there - he's still in baby school. Don't worry, John Burke does NOT care. He is spoiled rotten in his room, and probably likes stealing the attention back now that Turner is out of the way.
Turner is challenging me at home and his teachers at school. They are quick to assure me that he is not mean-spirited or BAD, just wild. And defiant at times. I wanted to be surprised, but he IS my child. I was hoping Heath would rub off on him more, but so far, not so much. Rule-following is a hard lesson for little Turner.
He had a much better week this week, but Friday we lost our beloved Duck at school. I looked everywhere (after turning around halfway down 280), and cannot find him anywhere. You know you're a mom when praying for duck falls in line with your nightly prayers. I am torn - he needs to break his addiction, but Lindsey said it right - it is the ending of an era. Like ripping away something that has been keeping him little to me. Selfish, I know. I need to move on. And, he just shifted his love to 2 other loveys, but it has been like the movie Groundhog Day around here - every few hours "I need my duck." "Where is duck?" We have been telling him he is on vacation, probably forever. It is not getting through. Good thing 2-year olds get distracted pretty easily.
I am trying to think of some funny things he has said lately...
He loves to ask loaded questions "What is that?" and then immediately say "Oh wow, that's really cool." And I swear there is already a sense of sarcasm in it.
Then, he likes to say "Hey, wait a minute." All. day. long. And, he gets furious when Heath says "period." Example - "No more ice cream. Period." "Daddy - NO SAY Payred!!"
Yesterday on the way to Atlanta (we went for the day for cousin Ellie's birthday party), Heath was fired up about something. I don't even remember what, but he leaned up and said "Chill Out, Daddy!" Heath looked at me and said, "Did he really just say that?" I couldn't stop laughing, but had to hide it so Turner wouldn't get a big head.
He gave me the silent treatment twice Friday morning. Once when we were putting his socks on (I HATE that about cold weather - so much more laundry!!), he insisted he was 5. I reminded him that he was 2, soon to be 3 (he didn't care), and was angry I would not negotiate with him. Then he yelled "Well, Burke Burke is 1!" Like it was an insult. I looked at John Burke (the sweet one of the moment) and said, "How old are you?" He pointed at me and lifted a one. Pretty sure it was an accident, but it could have been sheer genius.
The second time he didn't talk is when I ripped small scissors from him out of a First Aid kit we got when he was a baby. He held them up to his hair in the car, and I freaked out because it was school picture day. Keep in mind - he has worked through a chipped front tooth and 7 stitches smack in the middle of his forehead. So really, we don't need jacked up bangs right now - or ever. I took them away and he screamed (not that unusual for his terrible 2 self). I ignored him and then started talking about school a few minutes later. "Are you going to play with...?" Crickets. Then he leaned up and said "I not talking to you, Mommy." When did he learn to do that? It is not like I have given him the silent treatment before, but maybe that would be interesting.
John Burke reminds me of my sister when I was about 12. I remember having outbursts with Mom, and her looking at her like I was totally insane. Burke Burke does that at dinner when Turner gets excused for a spanking periodically. He just looks up at me, then back at the beat-down behind him, and then I swear he rolls his eyes and keeps eating. What I also remember, though, is that Lindsey was only 14 months younger than me. So about a year later, Mom was dealing with 2 of us as raging teenagers - and that gives me tons of promise for next year with a 2 and 3 year old. And newborn - yikes. Praying now.
John Burke is still a destroyer - it doesn't help that he is kind of tall, and now reaches the counters in the kitchen. A few weeks ago, we got Krispy Kreme one night. The next morning I heard him padding into the kitchen, and then something drop. I have started running when this happens. I found him face-first in a chocolate-covered doughnut, with another in his hand.
We are making progress, though. This week he pulled a cup of water from my bedside table. As I shrieked (and groaned - I knew better than to leave it there), he toddled into the kitchen and brought back 2 paper towels and started blotting it. I was shocked and very proud! I am thinking Heath is rubbing off more on him:).
Also, while I am going long here, I want to remember some recent conversations that have taken place. For the first one, I took Turner one night on our way home from somewhere to run some errands. We went to the Halloween store. Not scary at all to him, but we made it quick for less traumatization later. I ran into a friend I went to elementary school with. She looked at me and said "Are you pregnant?" I understand her surprise, and I guess I paused before I told her I was. She quickly said, "Or did you just have a baby?" I laughed and told her I was having number 3. She fussed at me for pausing, and said she felt awful. It made me laugh - usually I am on the other side of that conversation, feeling pretty terrible.
Then we went to Ulta for some hair stuff. Turner insisted on wearing his army helmet that he is obsessed with, and I let it ride because it was close to 8 p.m. He was running through, and eventually got to the line with me and started unhooking the partitions for the line. Of course I couldn't fix it and snatched him up. The lady behind the counter said "Are you having another?" I nodded. She quickly told me that 2 was much harder than 1 and I needed to prepare myself. I am pretty sure I laughed out loud as I told her I had a one-year old at home. Then she said, "Tell me that one is a girl!" I assured her yes and ran out of the store. I love how everyone assumes that girls are so much easier. I know there will be easier times, but have you met me? Especially as a child? It is funny to be around people that I grew up with - a couple of them have children Turner's age and in Turner's class. One of them reminded me as he was acting a fool that the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. She did not hurt my feelings, she was exactly right and again I prayed for Heath's personality to seep in at certain places. :)
Last picture - very random. Ann and me from Auburn last weekend - Heath and I went without children. Glorious, even for just a day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up

We have had a lot going on! I have been tired and lazy, and have several things I want to update on here! Here goes...
It has been about a month, but the boys went to the first 2 Auburn games. We left early for naps during the Utah State game (and listened to Auburn pull off a miracle in the car!) and then we stayed 5 hours and watched every minute of the Mississippi State game. The boys did great for being 2 and 1!
Auburn vs. Utah State
Look at the cute outfits MeMe got them!
Right before the eagle took a wrong turn and flew right into our section!! Turner just kept screaming "BIRD!! BIRD!!" He was terrified - so was I. But then it was cool when he flew away.
Then, our life has looked a little bit like this lately.
Heath and his partner - after much prayer and consideration - switched from Merrill Lynch to
kind of blurry, but UBS. He is doing the same thing, just at a different firm. We are very excited about this new opportunity! And, look what the new boss sent to me on Heath's first day!
The week he changed jobs was the same week we found out we were having a girl, so it was a wild week! But, things have gotten way more back to normal now!
Turner had his first field trip. His 2 year old class went to Homewood Park for a picnic and some play time. All of the kids had their matching t-shirts on and they were huge! Don't worry, Turner took care of that.
He seems a little too comfortable with his class :)
Friends both from his class and from others
We had such a fun time! And Heath even joined us for lunch, but somehow dodged a picture.
Then, last week - hallelujah! - John Burke got his first haircut. It was MUCH needed! Before:
Yikes - very shaggy
And... the back. Cute curls at times, but really just masking a mullet.
He was a champ! He sat still and was very quiet the whole time. No drama! I was very scared, so they were both loaded down with Skittles and suckers. Not scared to bribe here.
Voila! Jenni worked her magic! "How you doin?"
Look at these crazy sucker-eaters with their big boy hair cuts and shoes!
Lastly, we took a family trip to Old Baker Farm a few days ago. I had never been, and of course neither had Heath and the boys. We had fun and it was a gorgeous day!
Turner got to drive a tractor and
a "horse"
Beautiful (LOVE pregnancy shots:)) family pic on the hayride. Cowboys jumped out at us in the middle of said hayride. They shot guns, and John Burke's face looked a lot like this. Turner was also terrified, and it didn't help that Heath offered to give him to the bad guys. I could not stop laughing at how freaked out they were. I know, I am not compassionate. I also laugh hysterically when they get shots. I don't know why. Heath felt bad afterwards, when they both left the shock phase and started crying. But they were fine.
Looking for pumpkins with Daddy
Ah! A prized one for our front porch. Happy Fall!!