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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Turner (because he is his mother's son and very stubborn) has never said "War Eagle." Instead, he says "Auburn Tikers." Every time.
Well, now that we have mixed up our Good Night Moon rotation with this book (thanks to Volree from Turner's shower I think), he won't stop saying "Eagle!" At the end of every page, it says "War Eagle!" and he has totally gotten on board. A few months AFTER the best season ever. Oh well!
Speaking of War Eagle, Heath and I got to go to a dinner for Coach Chizik a few weeks ago. Heath's boss got us tickets to the Bobby Bowden National Collegiate Coach of the Year Banquet (I had to look at the bulletin). We didn't know what to expect, but we had so much fun! Bobby Bowden and Coach Chizik spoke, and we were able to get a picture with them.
And, I was able to yell "You're the Man!" to Coach Chizik as I walked away. I immediately wanted to say "I promise I am not hitting on you" by the look he gave me, but he was very sweet. I told myself he has to hear that all the time. And I don't take it back. It was a big year for my Tikers.
Back in the day to day, though, these are some common scenes around our house.

In this picture, Turner saw me with my camera and said "Ook (look) Burke Burke, a peecher (picture)" He is VERY into pictures. They are both very into destroying the house in a matter of seconds. And car and their clothes for that matter. But, it is to be understood with 2 wild boys. And the mess is worth it.
These weasels make me crazy, but they also make me laugh. I go back and forth constantly from wanting to freeze time to getting excited about how they are growing and changing. And this is my fat baby's new look.
It is a mix between a flirty glance and an evil glare. And he does it all the time. It makes me laugh, and it was hard to get a picture of! In the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A the other day, it was a girl I didn't recognize. Turner and John Burke's "friends" - the ladies behind the counter - came to the window to say hello and the one I didn't recognize asked them if they had seen his "look." It made me laugh that they had all seen it, and again realize we are there entirely too much. They even corrected Heath's order for me this weekend. And they were right!
I will leave you with their school pictures.
A little like a farmer/grandpa. I did the shirt to make Heath happy, but now I am not so sure.
Look at that big, fat, 11 month old squishy face! I love it.


  1. Those boys are super cute!!

  2. kelly! just found your blog! so cute! those boys are getting big... they are precious. :)