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Thursday, November 4, 2010


What's up??

I have been meaning to update for a while. We have been extra busy! Two nights ago was my goal, but if you know my husband, then you know it was like Christmas around here with the election results coming in. Not kidding. I didn't realize how exciting these results were until I married him.
He made me laugh last night because he told me he was scarred as a child because his parents would not let him go vote with them. (Funny, I vividly remember sitting in the car outside of mom and dad's polling location BEGGING them to hurry up!). Anyway, I laughed - we are so different. He said he remembers being in second grade and watching the State of the Union address from beginning to end. I remember being 4 or 5 years old and trying to change the channel because Ronald Reagan was on every t.v.! Anyway, he loves Voting Day (and checking the computer for up-to-the-minute election info)!!
I have to say - Halloween was pretty fun! My penguins had a good time. Especially the bigger one. He had a ball trick or treating. Anything involving Turner running through the neighborhood and getting candy is an A+ in his book.
We had a busy weekend - family pictures and a birthday party for our sweet cousin Ellie (pictured below with her 2 crazy cousins - hopefully the professional pictures turned out better than this one!)
Then we went to some great friends' house (and former students of mine) to watch the Auburn/Ole Miss game. The boys had a ball, and it is always nice to go hang out with friends (and their older children) who love to play with your kids! Fun for everyone:).
Former students W and O are the 2 on the left - and here I am with their moms on the right - I love them.
We went over to a friend's house for a dinner/hayride and then ended up coming home and trick or treating in our (unofficial) retirement community. They were very, very sweet and accommodating to Turner. He would knock on the door and say "Tic Tee" and then they would give him candy. Every single time his eyes grew big and he screamed "Dantu!!!" So cute.

We did go 2 or 3 doors down (it was hard to tell which of these young bucks were still up late that night) and saw a house with skeleton garland hanging and several pumpkins. We knocked on their door, and started talking to them. I heard them call their dog by name, and I said "Oh, my dog loves your dog. They play together a lot." They said, "Oh Gordon? He is in our garage." Oops. Get this - his battery on his electric fence collar broke, so he just walked in their front door!! They had left a note for us, but we hadn't been home to see it. So it was random that we brought Gordon up in conversation. He is home, safe and sound, much to Heath's dismay.
Turner and John Burke have been playing together so much more. Turner wakes up and asks for Burt Burt every morning. It was cute to call him that last week, but now it is more permanent. It's the only thing he will call him. Oh well, at least he notices him.
I like to pretend I don't know where the baby is, and watch Turner frantically run around and look for him. Then he yells "MOMMY - Burt Burt" and points him out to me. So funny.
What is not so funny is that when I put John Burke down for his morning nap, Turner doesn't like it. His playmate is gone. I keep finding him like this.
So I am having to shut the door completely and distract Turner until he blissfully forgets he has a brother.

We went to the doctor last week. It was John Burke's appointment, but we brought Turner. He is 3 foot 1. Off the charts in height. The doctor says he is going to be pretty tall. That is probably why twice last week people asked me how old I was, and when I said he was about to turn 2, they said "You mean 3?" Nope, pretty sure I know how old he is. Just tall. And I hope when he is 3, he can do more than hum "Twinkle, Twinkle" and the alphabet song. That is what he is doing in this phase of life - and yesterday I was so proud because I actually heard him say, "A, B, C, D..." - it trailed off after that, but he is off to a good start. And last night, I had to call my parents because we passed their street and he started singing "Pop Pop, Pop Pop" to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle. Well, he's getting there.
And this little monkey is 14 and a half pounds. He is in the 25th percentile for weight (at 6 months), but the 75th-90th for height. And, before Uncle Derek makes another comment about his ginormous head, it is just in the 50th percentile. His cousin Chloe, though just 2 days younger, is just significantly smaller (we love her tiny little self). She had just taken off her ladybug costume in this picture. So cute! And she can sit up on her own, something Slumpy is still working on!
All right, that's all for now! Gotta roll...


  1. Your little penguins are adorable!!

  2. Me and Shaun are rolling as usual! Only these things happen to Gordon! Hilarious! Its because you take it all so well;) We actaully thought about Heath on Tuesday:)