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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bottle Battle

Well, these days are over. 2 babies with bottles I mean. This picture was taken at a restaurant at the beach. John Burke doesn't take bottles very often, but for Turner they WERE his favorite thing. He has been drinking whole milk out of them since 10 and a half months. I have known that I need to break his addiction. I tried before his 15 month appointment. Heck, I have tried giving him sippy cupys with water, juice, etc. since he was 6 months old. Wouldn't/Won't do it. Well, at his 18 month appointment, John Burke was 2 months and I told his doctor that by the next time she saw him, he would be off the bottle. I intentionally waited to break him from it while I was at the end of my pregnancy and had a brand new baby. But, we are on a break from Mother's Day Out until September, and I thought this would be a good time to rip away his precious bottle. As if there is ever a good time!
This weekend we didn't have a bunch going on (ha - except our 6 year anniversary - Happy Anniversary, Lobster), so we did it. Cold turkey. And this weasel has been on milk strike since last Friday night. He will not drink very much of anything - just a little bit of water out of a straw. And that is only because I am scared he will dehydrate. Not really, but his little dramatic self is looking skinnier to me already!
Ughhh. Needless to say, we have had several meltdowns this week - and he is a strong-willed son of a gun. Definitely my child. The doctor (and everyone else I talk to) promises me that he will drink milk again. I hope so - not so much in the last 6 days! If you have any ideas let me know - I have tried every kind of cup under the sun, chocolate milk, etc. Help!!
Shirt in honor of Shark Week. Just kidding. Trying to suck down some form of liquid in a popsicle.
In spite of his teenage girl mood swings from bottle detox, he has been doing some funny things. Poor thing looks older than he is. When people talk to him (like in the store today), he only knows a few responses - "hey", "thank you", "please", "bye bye", etc. It is awkward when they say things like "What is your name?" and he says "Hey!" Then, "How old are you?" "Tant-u." I laugh and apologize - I want to (and sometimes do) say, "I know he is tall for his age, but he doesn't know a lot of words!"
Then today, he was screaming in the car. It only stopped because I had to pull over and walk up the busy road near our house because my set of keys had flown off the top of the car (for the second time in 2 weeks! Last time, it was Heath walking up 280 though!). Anyway, we came down the hill and I saw a turtle ducking into his shell right as I was hitting it. I screamed "OH NOOOO!" while wishing it had been a squirrel. Anyway, Turner started laughing hysterically for several minutes. I guess that cracked him up.
These legs courtesy of Mosquito Bite McGee. Too much fun this summer outside! Sadly, I didn't notice them - his teachers at church showed me. Then they made fun of me for not bathing him enough. They said a good mom would have seen the large bites in the bath. Oops. In my defense, Heath knew nothing of them either and claims he has been spraying him all over with bug spray!

Tonight Heath had to water our grass. He decided to let Turner play in the water (his other major addiction in life).
It was hilarious to watch him scream and squeal. Until he escaped oh so casually down the street!
Then our sweet neighbor drove up and told us she had bought this pool for her grandkids, and they weren't using it. Redneck paradise!!
Meanwhile, this guy is doing a lot of watching his crazy brother and smiling. However, it is near impossible to catch it on camera. These are the best I could do!!
His little cheeks are getting so chunky! And, he is beginning a love affair with his loveys - hippo and tiger. Reminds me of the untimely death of Mr. Lion (Turner's lion lovey) a few weeks ago when Heath "didn't lose him" somewhere across Birmingham.
We have been swimming a lot to try to make it in this heat. Here is what John Burke did while we were swimming.
Safe, huh? Anyway, this was York and Turner this time last year at the pool. And, then this year. They are so big now!!
And, for no good reason - I am going to show you a little carpet miracle that happened in our house this week. This is a before picture.
I know, shameful. I noticed it most when one of my friends told me it looked like there had been a fraternity party in my den. Then, a 5 year old who was playing at my house the other week said "What are all these spots on the floor?" Busted. Time to get them clean.
Here is an after picture - they steam cleaned (and significantly spot treated) the den yesterday. Pretty amazing to me! It is sad that I am this excited about carpet. Being a grown up is so glamorous!:)


  1. Kelly,
    Reading here is simply wonderful! You make me laugh. HARD.

    T, being kind and thoughtful, but not wanting to run my keys into the house, left them on top of my car, but didn't tell me. I spent way too much time searching the house for them, finally found our spare and was flying (late at this point) to the doctor's office when they flew off the roof...going down busy main street. I had to loop around and run out in traffic. They'd been run over several times...whatever. :)

    Nice carpets.

  2. Don't feel bad about the bottle. He will eventually cave and take the cup. I only know this because we had boys who were addicted until 2 1/2. I always hate taking stuff like that away. But stick to your guns and he'll get the point. Do yourself a favor and get rid of your bottles though. Let's just say, I know a girl who had some in her cabinet and months and months later her son found them and now he's drinking from them again. Not sure what type of mother would allow such a thing. This girl is pretty crazy though. :) Ahem. Change the subject... quickly.....
    Love your clean carpets. I would have ours done, but there's no point.
    Those are some handsome little boys!

  3. AWESOME post! I love reading these at work and people around me are like "what are you laughing at?" because I can't stop laughing. I can just imagine you running over that turtle wishing it was a tree rat.

  4. Seriously how did you not notice those bites?

  5. haven't checked your blog in many cute pics and funny stories!! you made me feel so much better after seeing the pic of Turner's mosquito bitten legs. Grayson has soo many bites on him right now and no matter how much I spray him, bathe him, etc. he still has them. I was feeling bad too, but he is such a "boy" like T. cant' wait to see ya'll at some games! will ya'll be at the first game/labor day weekend?? call me or text me.