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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday was Turner's (and mine as a mother) first Mother's Day.  Saturday my husband and son got me a makeover and some new makeup from Trish.  Heath was heartbroken he couldn't go with me on this little venture, but he stayed home and kept Turner.  Then Sunday morning Heath (and Turner) gave me a pedicure certificate and this card - 
 - very fitting because we usually have two tiny feet between us.  They are usually closer to me, and by closer I mean that this tiny person has the crazy ability to push me off of the bed.  I will wake up 1/4 of an inch away from the bed - and he started out in the middle!  How does he do it?
Side note - I always SWORE I would not let my child sleep with me.  And I don't let him sleep through the night in our bed, but God help me if I don't throw him in there any given morning between 4 and 6 if I want a little more sleep!  He is just so snuggly.  Don't decide what you will or won't do on some things until you actually have a baby.  You will eat some words for sure.
Anyway...Heath made breakfast and we started our Sunday routine.  We were surprisingly not late, and I checked Turner in the nursery at church.  Our pastor did a great sermon honoring mothers and encouraging us of the job God has given us to build the character of our children.  
Then, we ran home and picked up a few things and headed to Mom's for lunch.  We had Outback to Go - delicious.  Nanny and Dink and Grandad Starr came over to eat with us.  

   Nanny with Turner

Grandad and Dink 

    Gigi with Turner - Grandmother's Day!

Heath even made blueberry pie for dessert.  Then Derek (and Heath) set up the jewelry armoire that Lindsey and Derek and I gave Mom for Mother's Day.  

Someone got a buzz cut

In the afternoon, Heath let me come to the house and sleep for an hour while he ran errands with Turner.  
Funny Dink story (since he is pictured above) - Dad came home last weekend and Dink was freaking out because he could not find his golf cart anywhere.  Now, he is 91 and not "allowed" to drive anymore, so he loves that little morsel of freedom left in his golf cart.  My aunt and uncle had been over, and my cousin drove it back to their house.  Fast forward to where Dad comes in the picture.  He was working in the yard and waved at a passing car.  He did a double take when he realized it was Dink.  Dad chased him down and waved him in the driveway, trying to convince him to turn around and go back home.  Dink was set on finding that golf cart!  Dink agreed to go home, yet turned left out of the driveway, towards the highway!!  Dad raced to his speed racer van and followed him.  He had to chase him in a church driveway at the end of our road and beg him to turn around, promising he would figure out the mystery of the missing golf cart!  
Dad chased Dink back up the street and into my aunt's yard, where my cousin was standing, taking it all in.  Dad watched as Dink had a rope tied to the back of his Lincoln Continental and was going to lasso the golf cart and pull it back to his house (next door).  My cousin and his wife were still standing there in shock!  Luckily, Cowboy Dink didn't get to try out his skills because my dad and cousin talked Dink into trusting they would re-charge the golf cart and return it home safely!  When Dad followed him back to his house, my sweet Nanny was in the front yard - looking VERY overwhelmed.  Dad said she just kept saying, "What am I going to do with him?"  Evidently he had crept out (loudly - he uses a walker) while she was napping.  Dad said it all ended with Nanny calming down in the house as she and Dad watched Dink knock his right side mirror off the car as he screeched back into his driveway.  Needless to say, this entertained us thoroughly as Dad retold it.  
The Mother's Day ended with a trip to Publix (saved 35 dollars - went from 90 to 55!) and Turner actually ate his they-gave-it-to-us-with-all-the-coupons-I-had sweet potato baby food.  I will leave you with this picture.  Don't worry he threw most of it up a few minutes later, but at least he is starting to take some!!  My first Mother's Day was a success - I wish it wasn't so close to my birthday, because it is like a second birthday!!  I am beyond blessed that God has allowed me to be a mother for this little guy.  As cheesy as it sounds, I never would have imagined what a blessing motherhood is!  Thank God and praise Him for all mothers!


  1. Happy 1st Mother's Day!! Sounds like you got honored very well! I love all your stories.

  2. Great picture of you and Turner! He looks like Heath in that picture. Look at your calendar for a day in Atlanta.... Braves game and shopping!!!

  3. You look so pretty, Kelly!!! Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day :)

  4. That is the best picture of you and Turner!!!! Awe I need to see him soon!