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Sunday, January 18, 2009

MLK beach trip

Mom and I took Turner to the beach for MLK weekend.  It was a great chance to get away, and probably the easiest beach trip I will ever have with him!  He slept so much, and traveled around the outlets like a champ.  We went to the actual beach for about 3 and a half minutes - long enough to take a picture of him on the sand.  And Mom laughed at me the whole time because it was FREEZING and he wouldn't open his eyes because of the brightness!
Anyway, it was nice going during off season.  You could get into any restaurant, and it was very empty down there.  Don't get me wrong - I would rather be going in the spring or summer so we could actually see the sun, but it was nice to be able to get around easily.  However, it is a different world down there because of one word - snowbirds!!  These old folks completely take over the town.  When you walk around with a newborn you get 2 reactions.  1.  A look of utter disgust.  I really thought they were going to cover their ears and cuss me out if he made a peep.  And Turner barely cried places (Thank God!!)  Or 2.  Cooing at him and comments like "You got a fresh one" (I heard this more than once).  One man stopped Mom and told her he was the Baby Police and needed to inspect Turner.  Cute, but a little creepy.  At least he wasn't cussing at us!
I have never seen so many bright white tennis shoes.  Or heard so many comments (loudly) about Barack Obama - good and bad.  My grandfather (Grandad Starr) would have been in heaven!!
On a side note, Grandad asked Heath if while we were at the beach I put "the little one" in the water.  Heath said no, and he said "Why?  They are just like dogs.  Throw them in and they will learn."  Wow.  Turner is 6 weeks old.
Also, there were Early Bird specials everywhere.  I witnessed a man get in a fight with a hostess because it was a few minutes after six and she dared to tell him that he and his group of 8 missed the Early Bird special.  He made a point to continue yelling "She won't let us do it.  She said NO" to every single one of the people in his party individually.  I started to feel sorry for the hostess, but she acted like she was used to it!
Oh, and Mom and I were at Doc's and a lady came to tell me how beautiful my daughter was.  (I don't understand - he had blue ALL over).  Then, she proceeded to take the entire basket of crackers and dump it in her purse.  I thought I imagined it, until she walked to the next table and dumped their crackers in her bag, too.  All of them!  A whole basket!  Then, for good measure, she threw in the tobasco sauce, too.  Ridiculous.

This was a lobster game we saw at Doc's.  I thought it was very fascinating.  You pay 2 dollars, and use a claw like the old stuffed animal game.  If you catch it, they cook it!  I had never seen this before, and felt the need to share. 

Oh, and I remember now why I don't like camping.  Why?  Because when we got to the condo late Friday night the heat was broken!!  We didn't realize it until the middle of the night.  Turner and I had frozen noses!  I really felt like I was outside, and a little abusive to the baby, but not on purpose!  (Mom's room was a little bit warmer, thank goodness).   I HATE being that cold.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn't remember what it was like to be cold - seriously.  Well, I remember now!  Luckily, we called maintenance and they had it fixed by 9 a.m.  Another perk of being at the beach with not so many people - quick maintenance service.

A few Turner updates at 6 weeks:
1.  He is following things with his eyes now.  If you look at him and then move from left to right, he follows you. 
2.  He is holding his head up for a few seconds in a row.  Yea for neck control!!
3.  He is starting to smile more often.  It is really cute, but not so much on purpose.  Hopefully soon he will mean to smile!
Oh yeah, another great thing about the weekend was the Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon.  The DVR has so many saved for those late night feedings!  I shouldn't be this excited!  And, Celine Dion did not disappoint.  AMAZING!!  No baby Celine memorabilia, though.  Too bad.


  1. Oh get ready...people will say some of the craziest out of left field things about your kids...I've had plenty of "girl" comments, and the best is a few have asked if Paul and John Murphy are twins (they are almost THREE years apart!). Love the blog- you keep us entertained. Love Turner too!

  2. Hey Kelly,
    I'm a friend of Kate Henderson's... I think your posts are too funny. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to get used to the whole wrong sex comments. I have a girl and three boys, and it didn't matter how either sex was dressed... all pink DRESS, all blue NO BOW, people would still say the dumbest things. I have since vowed to NEVER say a word unless I know for certain. Take care!

  3. you are such a great mom! I loved reading about turner's birth and seeing all your pictures.

  4. y'all are such a precious family! it was so great to see you and catch up last night! can't wait to see y'all again! -Anne Marie