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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Recap

Here goes 3 months in one!  We were supposed to be in Nashville this weekend for Heath to run the half marathon.  However, our sweet babysitter had a death in her family, so we stayed home and I am making myself clean up, put up winter clothes and update this blog because John Burke's birthday is in a few days and I will HAVE to update again.  He is attention hungry like that:)

Starting back in February....that was a LONG month!  Last year we went to Disney during February and it was so fabulous, so major bummer to not have a trip planned this year.  The first weekend I did go on a women's retreat with church for the night and John Burke and Collins both got the stomach bug.  Heath did a great job cleaning a LOT of messes that weekend.  Then, 2 days later Turner got it and kept it for 6 days.  He didn't throw up the whole time - in fact, he would go almost 48 hours and then throw up again.  It is my nightmare to stay at home that long, but luckily I only got a touch of it and Heath avoided it altogether.  Collins and John Burke were able to get back to school for their Valentine's parties, but Turner and I stayed home.  Again.  Wow, I hate winter!  SO glad it is spring now!
3 little sickies.  They look okay, but 5 seconds later Turner threw up everywhere

I forgot - the day before Collins and John Burke got sick, Turner's kindergarten class put on a Sweetheart Tea for the moms.  It was so cute.  They sang to us, served us snacks and danced with us. It was adorable and I loved some one-on-one time with him.
They also gave us hats to wear.  Very cute.

John Burke writing his Valentine's cards - he loves a party of any kind 
Turner's valentines - wanted to remember his handwriting
Their sweet card to me - the only high point of February.  I may be acting a little dramatic now that I think back on it:)
February ended with Turner's first school report.  He read a few lines about Abraham Lincoln, and insisted on taking this picture because "Lincoln didn't like to smile"  
We also celebrated GiGi and Pop Pop's birthdays, and Uncle Derek's.  But somehow this is the only picture we got!  At Mom's birthday dinner, Turner had been 2 days throw up free and then vomited all over the table.  No pictures from that sweet memory.
March came and Turner took his test to get in Briarwood on March 7th.  A day that I agonized over and prayed a lot about because Turner is such a silly bird.  Of COURSE he talked during his test (he is my child) and had to be moved, and it got noted on his test booklet.  But, plus side - he was just leisurely chatting with his friend from school about the green Ninjago lego something or other.  So, he wasn't anxious?!  I was downstairs tearing up as I met the principal, because again - Turner makes me sweat!  This picture was the best I got.  Turkey.  Luckily, we got his acceptance letter on April 7th and he will - Lord willing - start first grade in August!
In March my mood lightened a TON.  I didn't realize I struggled with seasonal blues until the sun came out and I got out of my funk.  Hallelujah!  We actually got to meet some new sweet neighbors, and got these stir crazy fools outside in the fresh air.
They claimed they were going on a trip.  Next winter I will make that happen!
These 2 are very best friends.  They wake up looking for the other, and then proceed to either act silly together or fight and have to separate.  They are wildcats.
Collins had her Spring program near the end of March.  I didn't even tell the grandparents to come support the little diva, because I was certain that she would not perform.
One of the only smiles I saw from her the whole program.  Shady little ladybug. 
This picture is the only one I got of her participating.  She would not sing nor would she look my way at all.  That weasel.  Glad I didn't gather up a team to come watch her!!
Pap came through town one night and we met him for a snack at Chick-fil-A.  The next morning he told us some fabulous news - he and Tappy bought a lake house, and we are so excited about playing there!
In my stir crazy February, I started making plans and lunch and dinner and play dates, determined to get out more!  One very fun night was reuniting with my high school best friends.  It was so great, and I treasure my time with them!
Then Lindsey and her kids came in town for their Spring Break, so we skipped school one day and played with them.  We saw a movie and had fun bunny pictures taken with one of my former students. 
My friend Lauren ( took some "official" Spring/Easter pictures for us, too in March.

 Then it was time for our SPRING BREAK!!!  We didn't really have a set plan, and a couple of weeks before Heath told me that he needed to work down at the beach.  So, we headed down with him to Pap's place in Panama City.
We did travel for work with Heath to Mobile and had a fun night with some wonderful friends who have moved there.  Somehow I didn't get any pictures?!  But, we also drove to Heath's sister's house in Spanish Fort and visited them.  Baby Missy is adorable - though she looks a little put out in this picture!!  John Burke is obsessed with her, and Collins continues to be jealous of any attention she gets.
 Our first true morning at the beach started out a little chilly, so we headed to Publix to grab groceries.  The seafood man was extremely generous and let us pet the lobsters there.  They loved it!
 That afternoon it hit 61 degrees and luckily Heath got in to swim and I supervised while reading a book.  It was glorious!!
 Turner is truly part fish.  He played in the ocean for almost 30 minutes, completely unfazed.
 Until I had to wrap him up in my shirt and hold him while he was almost blue from the freezing water.  Crazy!
 The next day GiGi and Pop Pop met us and I had to document my mom in the water.  It is rare.
It was shockingly warm the rest of the week and I enjoyed not being in the blazing sun like the rest of the summer.

The kids played putt putt for the first time and we had so much fun.  Heath and I tied, just needed to remember that.  I got a hole in one, but then dangit, he got two!!
We met some fun friends from Sunday School at Baytowne

 Overall, a very relaxing Spring Break for sure!!
 The Saturday before Easter we headed down to the lake to see Pap and Tappy's new place.  But first, Collins' dress arrived at 9 a.m. via FedEx.  24 hours before Easter.  Nothing like cutting it close!  I promise I ordered it on January 3rd...and was just glad it came!!
 View from Pap's boat - game changer for the summer I hope!!
 And then it was Easter Sunday.  What a beautiful day to celebrate our Risen Savior!!
Heath and I were working the first service at 8 a.m., so I pulled out all the stops to grab a picture around 7:20 that morning.  I knew their Easter luster wouldn't last, and I didn't want the day to be about looking perfect.  It was nice to get to church, work that service and then we were able to worship at the second service.  So grateful that Christ rose from the grave!!
After church, we headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch and Collins was OVER the pictures but I thought this was a sweet one with the boys.
She did give Heath some love.  He is wrapped around her finger, by the way.
We had a great lunch and then an Easter Egg hunt with cousin Chloe.

Happy Easter 2015!
The next weekend I was SO excited to meet up with college best friends for a girl's weekend.  We rarely can all make it work, so it was a near miracle to meet up in Auburn for time to hang out and talk and eat and laugh until we cried.  Threw in these doozies that Ann brought.  Are you jealous of our pants??

 Of course we had to go by the new dorms.  They have it so nice in the Village!  However, they are very secure so we had to find some sweet, unsuspecting college girls to let us in.  At first I tried to downplay the event and not go in, but then the love and nostalgia got the best of me and I chased some sweet girls out of an elevator and they were nice enough to show us around.  We visited the composite from our senior year and the chapter room.  I promised these sweet girls that they would do the same one day.  I hope?!
 Of course Amsterdam was on our agenda!
 Wow - that brings us to last week.  We have been loving the sunshine and playing outside daily.  Collins is obsessed with pigtails (which I am not blessed with the gift of being able to do very well) and riding her scooter.  Also, she loves her new gold sandals she got for Easter, but only because I act like I hate them.  The reverse psychology is starting early over here!
Heath and I headed out of town again last weekend, and Mom and Dad graciously kept them.  Mom was already at a wedding shower when we returned, so we snapped this with Dad.  The day before he took them to feed the fish at a nearby office building.  Evidently Turner and John Burke ran ahead and while he was looking at them, he heard a plunk in the water.  Collins fell in.  I am glad I missed that panic attack, Dad said it was epic.  So, they kept them on their toes for sure.  John Burke told me that Dad took his t-shirt off and wrapped it around a hysterical Collins.  I so wish I had seen that play out, and I owe Mom and Dad big time!
I try to write notes on my phone about things I want to include in the blog because I forget so quickly.  Here goes:
John Burke and Collins love to role play as "Kelly" and "Heath" - they refuse sometimes to answer to anything else and it really does freak me out and crack me up at the same time
Collins has a newborn cry that she likes to do.  You see, she is growing up so much, but she also will not let go of being the baby.  Her newborn cry really does sound like a baby!
I took Turner to Briarwood one day to sign up for camp this summer.  I got really nervous in the parking lot, as I realized that my comfort zone really is Covenant and things are about to change!  I don't do change well.  Turner panicked in the car thinking it was the first day of first grade, and I was able to play cool.  When we walked in, Laurahelen's niece walked by - thank the Lord.  I needed a familiar face.  We waved furiously at her and she waved back.  Then Turner said "Wow!!  These kids look 16!"  He was in amazement.  Like he even knows what 16 looks like.  But it made me giggle.
John Burke announced one day that he would like to go bungee jumping in the near future, and he decided he was going to take his cousins Kate and Blake.  Um, no.  He is wild enough without the bungee jumping.
Also, he loves that song "Black Widow Baby" - but he is convinced that they are saying "Black Little Baby" and I don't want to correct him.  I also didn't correct when he called squirrels "squoils" - it was just so cute.
Collins LOVES her name.  If you say "Are you tired?  Hungry? a big girl?" etc. she will insist that she is COLLINS!  Collins Hen..son.  She hasn't mastered our last name yet.
 She also thinks that it is hilarious to burp, but she will insist "i not burr!!"
Turner loves to talk about Auburn, but he and John Burke both call it "Arburn."  Also, Turner hasn't mastered his "th" sound, so he says "fird" instead of "third" and it drives John Burke crazy.
John Burke is insistent that he will be President Obama next year when he is in Kindergarten and learns about historical characters.  Evidently, he tuned in on the President unit at school and loves to hear his name on the news.  Abraham Lincoln was a little easier to dress I think:)
Finally, John Burke and Collins love to watch the "doctor show" with me every Friday.  Um, that is Grey's Anatomy.  Very appropriate for them.  Or not. I fast forward thru a lot, but needed to be honest!
 One last thing to get us up to speed.  On Friday, John Burke had his school program.
 He is the opposite of the other 2 and LIVES for a good program at school.  We are 1 for 3 on reliable performances at school programs.  He had a speaking part and he has been practicing for weeks.  It was just the line "When you are growing up, you need people to teach you how to do things" but it hung on our refrigerator and we bonded over it each morning.
 He nailed it!!!  We were very proud, and then darn it if Turner didn't get a speaking part for his upcoming program in his folder on Friday.  And a solo.  Both short, but insert the sweating!  
 GiGi and Pop Pop came to support the little actor.  Pap and Tappy are traveling abroad, so they got a pass:)
We love this little almost 5 year old.  Birthday activities coming this week!!  Happy Spring!!