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Thursday, July 28, 2011

His Turn

John Burke gets a shot at being the big brother! Baby Henderson #3 is due February 11, 2012. I am very late posting this - a mixture of denial, feeling very tired, busyness with 2 other little crackheads and being out of town.
We are a little overwhelmed, but thrilled at the new little blessing! For inquiring minds, I am 11 weeks right now. Turner will turn 3 in December, and John Burke should be 20 months when this one arrives - Lord willing! So, Turner and John Burke are only 16 months apart, so I got 4 extra months this time - ha!
We have been to Atlanta and then to the beach for a week, and just running around being little boys in the summer. Hopefully I will post some fun pictures and blog posts soon!

Friday, July 8, 2011

July Random

First off, thank you so much for all the texts and calls and sweet things you have said about our little Gordito. It has been VERY weird without him around. I still catch myself looking for him to run and meet us in the yard as we pull out of the garage or start screaming like an idiot in a storm. And - the vet sent us flowers. Actually a plant. We will try to keep it alive:).
We have had such a fun summer. With these 2 crackheads, we are outside all the time. Otherwise, we destroy anything and everything in our sight!! Heath is amazed when he gets home from work what the house can look like, and I blame it on this one being into EVERYTHING!!! Not that Turner isn't - but he is a little better trained.
Here is what I found a couple of days ago. John Burke decided to spend some time in the pantry while I dared to take a shower. He broke the glass canister full of flour all over the kitchen, but decided to share the brown sugar with the den. He is a giver. Don't worry - they were going to take care of it with their shovels.
Then, they watched intently while I used "Daddy's vacuum" (you can tell who does the vacuuming around here) to clean it up. My fault - we dared stay inside for too long.
Kate Bug is ready for a baby that will let her hold it
We have been hanging with Kate and Blake the last few days while we are waiting on baby Morgan to get here. She should be here next Tuesday, maybe sooner? I know Lindsey wouldn't cry!
These were from a few weeks ago when Evan and York and Perry were over and the kids experienced the ice cream man for the first time. They LOVED it.

How cute is she?
And how messy is he?? He was hosed off not once but twice this day
Big Buddies
The red, white and blue popsicles remind me of our fun weekend! We were thinking about going to the beach, but we are going in a few weeks. So we decided to stay around here and go to the lake. It was fabulous!
Turner and York lounging at the lake in their pajamas
We have no problem making ourselves at home
Saturday and Sunday we went with our trusty friends the Harlesses to Lake Martin. The boys had a ball in the zero entry pool and checking out the lake. Not to mention running throughout the place and spending the night with each other! We were able to enjoy Niffer's and Sinclair's on the lake. So good!
Dunking Booth for a charity outside Niffer's at the Lake. This sweet old man let the boys dunk him about 3 seconds after we took this picture. Turner and York jumped a foot in the air.

Then Sunday night, our friends the Bennetts invited us to join them at Hoover Country Club for the fireworks show. These are definitely my children. I have a special love for fireworks (one year I looked at Lindsey and screamed "These own me!! - she thought I was ridiculous) - and don't even get me started at the pride when Lee Greenwood sings God Bless the USA. (And my favorite Canadian Celine Dion sings the National Anthem).
Best picture I could get at the hot, sweaty fireworks...this was obviously before they got used to them!
Anyway, they were a little shaky at first. Then they were mesmerized!! John Burke was into them, and Turner kept screaming "Awesome!" and "Bam Bam! Big One!!" all the way home.
We're nothing if not patriotic :)
Monday we were able to go to Smith Lake with some friends. I tried to get a picture of the boys in their cute little American flag shorts. But, I didn't get any pictures the rest of the day. Because it went about like this all day! But so much fun!!
Turner went on three boat rides, and even watched his old dad ski several times. It was a blast. Tonight on the way to dinner, Turner leaned up and said "Let's ski, Daddy." Um, a little off. But he is still talking about how fast the boat went and how good his dad looked while skiing. Heath still had it - he even went slalom. Too bad no pictures to prove it! You will have to take my word.
Finally, we had the best time finishing up the evening of Fourth of July at Thunder on the Mountain fireworks show in Homewood. Our sweet friends own this property, and let our sunday school class watch the fireworks here. Great location!!
I couldn't get nearly as good of pictures as the night before, so I just enjoyed. And so did the boys - it was old hat from the practice the night before!
He calls these play high heels "boots" - they are Kate's. Bless him, he is so misled. And would NOT take them off!
Meanwhile, it is amazing to me that Turner is carrying on discernable conversations with us. They are hilarious. He likes to tell me when cars are coming, that I need to be careful, and what he wants to do. He wakes up with a list - usually what I used to con him to sleep the night before. "Change my diaper. I want to put my swim diaper on. We need to go swimmin' with Pop Pop. And then get a milkshake at Chih-flay." He thinks it is his world. The other morning I went through McDonald's to get an egg McMuffin, and he wouldn't have us cheating on Chih-flay. So, of course I went across the street for a biscuit for him. Such loyalty. Oh, and the other day we were driving through Sonic. He said "I want a chocolate milkshake, Mommy." I said "I don't think they have those here" (totally lied - it was his naptime, and I just didn't want to deal). Well, he taught me a lesson. "No, Mommy, look. There is a sign right there with a milkshake on it." I felt bad for lying and was kind of impressed, so Precious got his milkshake. That's what I get for trying to trick him.
And this kid is WEARING ME OUT. I love him and all his little faces to death, but he is really an animal!! He prefers to be carrying a broom and/or dustpan at all times. I will hear a rustling and then a bump, and he comes on the scene with a broom. No matter how hidden! And he has no fear - here he is pulling a cooler at the lake. He is a wild man, but he will still give the best hugs, so I guess I will keep him!
Lastly, here was the view tonight - our naive neighbor asked us to watch his impeccable yard while he went out of town. Luckily it has rained some this week! But we decided to water some tonight, and Turner was Heath's assistant (and water consultant).
And look what I found later - that little trespasser!