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Thursday, June 27, 2013

June in pictures

Cooking out and playing in the yard with friends - favorite time of the year!
I love summer!  I mean, we shut down the pool last night (well it closes at 8, but that was wild for my posse!).  When else can you do that?!  I can't believe it is almost July!  We have had such a fun June, and I better record it before I forget...
We started June with Vacation Bible School.  My friend Laura headed it up and did a fabulous job!  This was Turner's first year to be able to participate, and my friend Meg and I were his teachers.  We had a wacky Wild West week, and even John Burke got to participate in a "mini-VBS".  He loved it too!
Fuzzy picture of him singing in the balcony in the morning assembly with Kina
Father's Day weekend was right after VBS.  Heath is a huge Braves fan, so we traveled to Atlanta for the day for a game.  We even got to hang with cousin Ellie beforehand.
We got to the game a little before it started and the ticket lady told us she didn't have 4 seats together in the whole stadium.  Awesome ;)  Luckily, God smiled on us and she found some in the club level that were not an arm and a leg, and we were under cover.  There was even an air conditioned Chick-fil-A directly behind us!  Thank you, Lord!
Sweaty Collins hopping around club level
We love our Daddy!  Too bad he really was Super Dad all weekend, because I came down with a fever at the game and was convinced I had strep throat.  Luckily just a nasty sinus infection.
We celebrated with Pop Pop the next day.  Here he is putting John Burke in the "crusher" - one of their favorite things!
We also started a VERY relaxed version of t-ball.  Here is Turner with his buddy Rutland.  His mom told us about this league through the YMCA and Turner and John Burke could both play on the team.  So we are playing with some friends from church.  Let's just say Henderson athletic prowess is not at its highest, but they are having fun.
Turner hitting
Waiting to bat
Loosely running the bases - he had just stopped to attempt to field his own ball behind second base before this picture.  We are still learning:)
Collins "helping" with the hats and shirts - she kept the blanket warm for John Burke to come sit on and eat cookies with her between (and during) innings
We also squeezed a lake trip in this weekend.  Our friends Charlie and Courtney invited us to their lake place for the day.  It is only about 30 minutes from our house and we had so much fun!!
Lots of swimming, riding in the boat and jumping off of the dock.  A little boy's dream!

This girl LOVED the lake, too!
Charlie and Courtney helped coach Turner up on skis for the first time

Best picture I could get - Daddy was so proud!!  And John Burke cried and claimed he would not be attempting.  I believe he used his favorite phrase when he saw Turner out there..."You've got to be killing me!"  Close enough.
Grateful for friends who share their lake places with us!
Blurry, but someone is getting enough hair to almost blow in the wind on our night time boat ride.
Collins just turned 17 months old and she is a mess!  She loves to say "Meh Meh" (Mama)!    She points to what she wants and even says "Want dat!"  She has been in a phase the last few weeks of screaming in the car, and I am convinced it is out of boredom.  Luckily, she sits by John Burke and he accommodates her wants and needs far more than I do.
Blurry, but here he is holding her hand to calm her down.  He also shares any food, drink or his bat bat (blanket) with her and it miraculously calms her down.  Stinker.  Turner remains oblivious in the back seat.  He is in a phase where he loves to tell Heath and me how much he loves us.  Often and at any random time, but it always makes me smile!  It cracks him up when we play "I love you more than...french fries, Ninja Turtles, Michael Wuzowski" (Monsters University is a current obsession), etc.
We tried our first movie the other day.  Turner is officially ready.  John Burke officially not.  We got popcorn and a drink (and promptly spilled both in the lobby, of course.)  We made it through the previews for 30 minutes!! and then John Burke lost interest once the movie actually started.  I remembered why I don't take them to movies - they are expensive!!  But it was raining, and we made it an hour, so I call that a win.  About an hour into the movie, there was a power surge outside because of the weather and they stopped it for a minute and then it played on.  Then they came in and said they were going to rewind it about 10 minutes and replay.  I was holding John Burke within an inch of his life at this point because he had attempted to tour the entire theater and bathroom several times, so we decided to head out.  I will wait to take him for a while, but Turner was a champ!
Soaking up this time.  Look how big they are getting!  Thankful that the Lord has given them to me!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Kickoff

Wow!  We have officially been in Summer for about 3 weeks now, and I can't believe I haven't recorded any of it.  So this will be an overload, but I don't want to forget the fun we have had!!!
First beach trip - Mother's Day Weekend
Sweet babies at Baytowne
Trips to the park with friends...getting too hot for much of that now!!
Ahh, but we love the Splash Pad
Heading to a neighborhood party in our jeeps
Water Slide birthday party
Turner's first x-ray...too much fun on a trampoline
Broken wrist!  Luckily our sweet doctor said it was a small enough break that he could brace it for several weeks instead of a hard cast.  Hallelujah!!  Because we were headed to the lake and the beach - and this guy can't miss out on water fun!
Nope, broken wrist hasn't slowed him down
We all love the lake

Boat bottom buddies

We came home from the lake just in time for the neighborhood fireworks show - thanks to Wes and Evan!! (Love this picture she took - brothers sharing a wagon)
Group picture with friends before the fireworks
Perfect celebration for Memorial Weekend

Then these 2 fools practiced sleeping together for our trip to the beach.  We left the next morning for a trip to the beach with my family.  GiGi, Pop Pop, Lindsey and Brandon and their kids and us.  Derek had to stay back to work:(

We celebrated Kate turning 6!!!
We went to the cutest Pirates and Princesses breakfast

On a treasure hunt around the restaurant
A little early for this group
We found gold doubloons (a la Jake and the Neverland Pirates!)
We successfully wore GiGi and Pop Pop out with all the playing!
So many fun memories

Meeting of the minds
The youngest little dolls

Craft time with GiGi one night

Beach playground....what a fabulous and exhausting week!!  It was hard to come home :(
But we have made up for lost time at our new gym/ to hang with one of our favorite sitters, Sarah!
And we head indoors when it rains.  What would we do without water in the summer??
Finally, hanging out at friends' house last night - we LOVE their big kid roller coaster.  Soaking up summer and fun times with friends and family...