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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I drove up to my mailbox last week and found a package for Turner.  I opened it up and this is what I found!  Heath's aunt Laquetta made this and monogrammed it.  How perfect for football season!!  I love it - what a wonderful surprise!!
People usually say they can hear my voice when they read this blog.  Probably because I write in streams of consciousness.  This is not good or bad - I just know that I could never write an anonymous letter!  I was driving to Lindsey's house yesterday and had these thoughts on Mountain Brook Parkway - thought I would give you a peek into my brain.
Hearing Turner scratching his feet against his broken down mirror, "I wonder if he is growing out of that carseat?  Pretty sure he is since the girl at Dale's Southern Grill yesterday told me that he could cut his feet off if he slammed real hard against the backseat (thanks for that - then she ran over to tell me to go ahead and go all out for the one at Target because her 3 year old daughter is almost 50 pounds and she would have had to buy another one.  See - I am already off topic)...Am I doing him a disservice because I selfishly still like taking him out to eat in that carseat because he stays pinned down?  Speaking of disservice, am I a bad mom because I don't have a big, mom camera?  I am not sure I need one yet because I don't take as many pictures as I should with the nice camera I have now, and will I ever learn to work the big one?  I am pretty lazy.  Why is that old man running down Jemison Trail barefoot?  Gross.  Where are his shoes? (I kept looking out the window for them) Why take them off?  Did he start out without them or just get really sweaty or wet feet from the trail?  Why are Nike shorts so popular?  Kate says they are all the rage in Auburn.  Used to be Soffe shorts, now Nike shorts.  Will my hips and stomach ever look like they did in college?  I didn't appreciate them nearly enough then.  What was I thinking?  Babies do a number on your body." Okay - the drive was not that long.  A few miles.  Can we say ADD?  How about all my teachers growing up loved to mention this to my mom in conferences.  Well, she refused to medicate, so here ya go.
Moving on.  We had Gina's baby shower this morning.  So sweet.  Since I have some time on my hands, I made this little project for her shower. 

 I love making chocolate suckers, and they are so easy!  And I have a million baby food jars lying around and my hot glue gun from school, so voila!  Then Lindsey whipped up the little number for the top, mix in some cute blue and brown ribbon and Gina seemed to love it!  I can't wait to meet Baby Luke.  He will definitely have enough monogrammed things to last a lifetime.  Look at the cake and then Volree's creation.  Impressive.

Wish I had taken pictures of people, photography is not my thing.  Good thing it is Gina's thing!

I went to the Birmingham Area Moms of Multiples sale last night.  I didn't have the patience to look for many clothes, but I did get these fun toys for cheap.  Here is the little weasel enjoying them!  I did see an anonymous blog (and real) friend who I would love to admit on here to buying a teacher/Halloween sweater circa 1986 for her daughter.  I say this in love....I wouldn't tease you if I didn't love you.  (I have to put that in there because I am not "sensitive" or "appropriate")

I came home and Heath had dressed Turner.  I laughed, but it wasn't too bad!  You know Turner didn't care!

Here is a Mommy picked outfit.  Not Heath's favorite.  Again, Turner was indifferent.  Lindsey whipped up the little monogram here, too, but you can't really see it.  Here is a better picture.

"Excuse me, I LOVE my bottle.  Don't tease me."

Friday, August 14, 2009

8 Months

Hanging with his buddy Harrison

Okay, Turner, too much love

Turner is 8 months old!  He giggles all the time now, which makes me laugh really hard.  For example, this morning he was eating breakfast and FloRida was singing on the Today show.  I started singing "Get Low" with the t.v. (as opposed to precious nursery rhymes - oops) and every time I would say "Give that big booty a smack" he almost fell out of his bumbo seat.  Hilarious.
He has started grabbing my hands when he wants to stand up.  I love that.  Also, in the car I will lean back and look at him (because his mirror keeps falling down) and I will say "Boogie?!" (I don't know why I call him that) and he will turn his head and look at me and grab my finger.  So cute.  And he does this ninja flip thing when I am trying to change his diaper.  Funny, but then annoying.  But he just thinks it is funny.  
He loves his loveys - Mr. Lion is the favorite, but he also loves his duck and lamb.  (Boring?  I want to remember this stuff later).  Not so much of a paci lover, though.   He'll take it if he is tired, but more just to play with it.  But if you stick Mr. Lion on his head, he is a happy camper!  Also, he is FINALLY enjoying baby food.  I guess he has been for a month or so now.  He can't get enough of it!  Sometimes he will wake up from his nap starving and have to eat it right away.  What a big boy!

Looking irritated in Daddy's favorite bib

Did I mention that I am going to teach 2 year olds at Mother's Day Out in the fall?  I didn't plan on this, but then a friend recruited me in and I am really excited.  I have gone up to our church to meet people and help out a little and Turner has been hanging out with some of the nursery workers, who he LOVES.  Okay - as I say this, remember that I am not politically correct.  Just a notice.  But, they are mostly black women, and he LOVES their voices, and (inappropriately) their boobs.  His favorite ladies are the older, big bosomed ones who pull him up to their laps.  That little weasel is in heaven!  I need to get a picture ASAP.  But, he likes going and playing, and that is great with me.  And Heath is just glad I have a "job".  Ha.  
Which reminds me - this has been a weird week with school starting and me not being there!  I thought that I would be really sad, but it has been fine.  One of my dear friends and former parent from my class had a Prayer Breakfast at her house yesterday morning.  She asked me to come pray for the teachers and then a bunch of the moms prayed for the kids at school.  So sweet.  It was such a blessing to meet and pray with former parents of mine over the years and friends!

My class last year - from our field trip to Golden Flake in February

I do miss my babies from school, though.  I went bowling with one of my favorites (Mom says I shouldn't have favorites - but seriously?) from last year and she made me cry.  She said something like "What if I am not having a good day?  You won't be there!"  That ripped my heart out.  Which is what she is wanting to do - she knows me well :).  Anyway, that is what I will miss a lot.  Those relationships.  But, I am telling myself that I can see them often, and they know I can't stay away from the school forever!  I have to check in on my little ones.
I went up to the school last week to visit, and though it was weird to see someone else in my classroom, I was good with it.  I just look at my little sidekick, and I have a peace about being home with him.  It is such a hard decision, and there is no right way for any family.  I am very proud (and jealous) of those moms who can balance work and mommyhood and do it beautifully!  

Picture from the pool last weekend.  Turner and his BFF York hung out in the pack n' play at the pool.  They had a ball for 2+ hours while the adults hung out!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mr. Roper

I think this outfit that Turner has is hilarious.  It is from Gap, but it reminds me of Mr. Roper from Three's Company.  I laugh every time he wears it!
I have a bunch of random things to share this blog.  (Is that different from others? Hmmm.  This one might be extra scattered!)  Here goes:
1.  Last weekend was Heath's sister's wedding.  I was a horrible photographer, so I stole these 2 sweet pictures from Kate's blog.  She was a good photographer!

Us with Jay and Kate (Heath's brother - I am pretty sure everyone who would be reading this  knows that, but who knows?)

Bride and groom.  The former Kelly Henderson - ha!  After 5 years, the name is mine and she got a new one!

Anyway, the wedding was at the Grand Hotel and it was gorgeous.  I have heard people talk about it for years, but wow.  It was super nice, and we had a wonderful stay.  The bay was beautiful and the wedding was outside.  The weather even cooperated.  Well done.  Here are some pictures I took.

Turner and his toy (hairspray - very safe) sitting on the table hanging out in the bride's room

Playing with Granny Eloise

And then Granny Fran - 2 great grandmothers in one room!

Kate and me before the wedding

Turner rocking out at the reception.  Uncle Jay took over the mic after the band.  

I have to brag on Turner.  He did so great during the whole weekend!  We stayed in Andalusia, a condo in Fairhope, The Grand, and a condo in Orange Beach.  4 places in 6 days!  He didn't bat an eye.  Good thing he loves Mr. Lion (his lovey) and his pack n' play.  Also, he came with us to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Then he attended the Groomsmen Brunch and pre-wedding festivities and pictures.  Then my parents came and he took a nap with them in our room and they brought him to the wedding.  He made it all the way through the reception.  He cried at the end, and I was disappointed until I realized that I had forgotten to feed him.  Oops.  A bottle and he was all better until the end!  What a blessing.  I am serious - I am glad he can just roll with us!   Our days are probably numbered with this.
2.  A few months ago I saw a child that was 9+ months in a pumpkin seat.  I was walking with Abby and of course had to comment because the kid was way too big.  Well, now I am that mom.  Turner is definitely growing out of his pumpkin seat, but he does so well in it and we can take him everywhere, so he may stay in it until he is 6 years old.  Seriously, I am going to endure the ridicule as long as he will go along with us everywhere.  I need advice on a good carseat (since we are still in his base) and a stroller that we can take with us and he will sleep well in!  He likes to chill in his chair.  At the beach, Mom and I laid out by the pool and stuck him under and umbrella and he played and slept in his chair.  For 4 hours each day!!  Selfish, I know, but I am milking this as long as I can.  I went to get my camera to get a picture, and that turkey woke up.  So, no picture.  That is why I am okay with him not quite crawling yet...I am holding my child back!  Oh well.  It won't last long!!
3.  I am obsessed with black albinos.  Or African-American albinos.  Well, really any kind of albinos, but especially black human ones.  Let's not pretend like I am politically correct.  (Though my husband is, and he will die that I am posting this.  Oh well.)  Anyway, we were on our way to Andalusia last week, and we stopped at Wendy's to eat dinner.  I stayed in the car with Turner and Heath ran in.  He casually mentioned when he got back in the car that he saw a black albino in there.  WHAT????  Of course I jumped out of the car and ran in to pretend to get straws and napkins and assess the situation.  I walk in and see a large WHITE woman with little braids in her hair taking care of some black children.  Imagine my disappointment when I had to inform Heath that that was not a black albino!  I don't know why, but the REAL THINGS are fascinating to me - completely black and completely white at the same time.  Amazing.  Anyway, I know it is insane, but I nearly foam at the mouth when I see them.  
4.  I have been watching last season's Real Housewives of Atlanta on my DVR over the last few days.  They are ridonkulous.  That word itself is crazy and I know Lindsey will laugh at me for using it, but that is all I can say about these idiot women.  T.V. is my weakness, and I just can't commit to another show like Jon and Kate and get my heart broken.  This show promises to not break my heart!
5.  Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary.  Heath did a good job!  He set up a pattern - he woke me up with a card with 5 gift cards in it.  Then we went to 5 Guys for lunch.  I didn't pick up on the 5 pattern until we left and were walking around Ann Taylor Loft.  Then all the 5s made sense!  When we got home, he gave me 5 bottles of bubble bath from Bath and Body Works.  He gave me pink roses - said he tried to buy 5 of them, but they only sold them in a dozen (thank goodness!).  For dinner we dropped the 5 pattern, and went to Carrabba's and saw The Ugly Truth (the movie) while Turner played at Gigi and Pop Pop's house.  Great anniversary.  I laugh, because we talked about how at our 5 year anniversary we would return to Hawaii, where we went on our honeymoon.  Oh, well.  Quitting my job halted that a little (not that we really could have afforded it before I quit my job).  Yesterday was fun and affordable!!  On a serious note, I cannot believe it has already been 5 years.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful (very patient) husband who is a godly leader and trusted friend.  Praise God for the blessing of marriage!!
Here are 2 of my favorite pictures from my wedding day.