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Sunday, June 28, 2009


This jumperoo-lover didn't make it to the reunion!!  I just thought this picture was cute!

We have had a fun weekend and I am very tired!!  Last night was my 10 year reunion for Briarwood.  We had it at B & A Warehouse and I was highly entertained.  I will try to hit some of the high points:
I called Megan and Gina (high school BFFs - sad Blair wasn't there) on the way there because I was literally giddy.  Gigi and Pop came to our house to keep Turner, because it was going to be a late night. 

 Right before we left

Before I left I had my mom blow dry my hair because I seriously STILL can't do it myself (at 28) where it won't flip out in the back.  Lindsey definitely reminds me this is ridiculous.  But I digress. 
It is safe to say that I loved my high school!  (Luckily I loved Auburn even more or I might be THAT girl that can't get past high school.  I hope I'm not THAT girl anyway, but there were a few moments last night that aren't helping me out on that.)
Gina and Megan laughed at me for calling them, and Heath rolled his eyes.  Wow, was he in for a long night.  But, keep in mind he was his class president in high school, so we have already attended his reunion back in October.  We have an ongoing joke, because I call it his 9 and a half year reunion.  Anyway...
We were the third couple to arrive at B & A (behind Gina, of course).  Our nametags definitely had our senior pictures on them - but only if you paid in advance.  Seriously - is that what some of the money went to??  I could have saved some there!  


I went to the bar and got a coke, to which the bartender said, "This night will be a whole lot more fun if y'all stop ordering cokes."  Who is y'all?  The 5 of us there?  Come on.  And, pretty sure he didn't know my excitement level (spastic).  
People started arriving and my first embarrassing question came when a guy we graduated with had lost a bunch of weight.  Of course I said, "Wow.  How much weight have you lost?"  I am blunt.  If you are reading this, you more than likely already know that.  I can't change.  Heath has tried.  In fact, there is a bruise on my arm.  Heath saw it this morning and said, "What is that from?"  And I said, "Remember, it's from last night when I was saying something "inappropriate."  He was mortified, because he didn't know he had pinched me that hard.  I honestly can't remember which comment/question that was regarding, but I can only imagine.  And, I bruise easily.  Ha.  Well, the guy had lost 80 pounds!  How - you wonder?  I asked.  Nutrisystem.  I was very impressed.  And his wife had lost 45 on Weight Watchers.  I will move on (I am sure they were glad that I moved on last night).
I was waiting to see my friend Evan and introduce her to Heath.  We are buddies from Stroller Strides and Turner and York are BFF, they just don't know it yet.  Anyway, she made me laugh because she saw Heath and said, "Oh my goodness.  That is Turner!"  There aren't many people that know Turner and me and not Heath, so it was interesting to see her reaction.
Another guy friend I haven't seen in years said, "You have a child?!!"  I had to stop and process that.  Yes, I do.  I was trying to think back to when I graduated and I did not think I would be married or if I was I would not have a child.  I thought I would be working for Stampede (old high school ministry out of Briarwood church), I guess.  I am glad God is in control of my life, and I am thrilled at how it has turned out.  But I really didn't picture myself having a child by now.  Or being a stay-at-home mom.  

High school friends

Best attempt at a class picture - thanks Heath!

It was just nice to be in the same room with people I used to spend every day with.  And a little awkward.  But mostly nice.  Someone reported to my sister at church this morning that I was a spaz last night, and I think that is mostly accurate.  But it was worth it!  I liked that Heath could see and get to talk to so many high school friends.  And I loved talking to other classmates' wives/husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends.  The 2 reunions I have been a part of have been really fun!
I laughed so hard 2 different times that I started crying.  In fact, one friend from high school thought that I was upset and stopped what she was doing to ask if I was okay.  Don't worry, just laughing to the point of tears.  That is a fun night.
As I type this, Turner is rolling back and forth across the floor.  That is his favorite pastime. 

How he looks most of the time.  Roly poly.

 Also, he JUST finished his first full bowl of oatmeal in his life.  He will NEVER even choke down a bite.  Yesterday Jay and Kate witnessed him literally gag.  Drama.  But tonight he ate some!  I just had to mix bites with applesauce!!  Hallelujah!!

Before I forget, Turner went for his 6 month appointment last week.   He weighed 17 pounds, 2 ounces and was 27 1/2 inches long.  50th percentile for weight and 75th for height.  Said he was developing right on track!!  I love him!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tagged (HHH)

Happy Father's Day!!  I am blessed to have Heath as a husband and father.  I also love that we are blessed with my dad, his dad and my 2 grandfathers as well.  What wonderful examples!  Heath was up to Abbie's challenge and decided to answer this tag game...Here goes (it has been edited for spelling and grammar :)).  

8 Things I did yesterday:
1.  Took Turner to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and hung out with him practically all day...poopy diapers and all.
2.  Cut the grass after changing the blade on the mower...we will now be able to stay in the neighborhood.
3.  Read two chapters in a book, while Turner slept.
4.  Watched the Braves and Golf on the same day!  Yeah!  Trying to raise the boy well.
5.  Went to a cookout at Jeanne and Jeremy Wells' house.
6.  Tried to figure out what Kelly thinks is wrong with her Jeep brakes, unfortunately I am far from handy with cars.
7.  Washed the dishes and a couple loads of clothes...I am somewhat domesticated.
8.  Read a blog for the first time since the last "list" game that I was tagged on!  Thanks Abbie!

8 Things I wish I could do:
1.   Take a nap.  In my past life (BT), I loved Sunday afternoon naps.
2.  Exercise more regularly, but this is more of a discipline thing than anything.
3.  Be President.  Someone needs to save this country from Communism.
4.  Be more excited about Kelly's "couponing".
5.  Accept new technology...i.e. facebook, and twitter, etc.
6.  Give away Gordon...any takers?  (for those pet lovers and PETA members, I am half kidding...that does mean I am half serious!).
7.  Be more funny.
8.  Be less anal/type A scheduled.  This might help my marriage!  

8 Shows I watch:
1.  Boston Legal (RIP)
2.  Brothers and Sisters
3.  Two and a half Men
4.  Auburn Football Review (in the Fall)
5.  The O'Reilly Factor (except now I can't)
6.  Any Sports shows...SportsCenter, Braves, et. al.
7.  Bachelor/Bachelorette...I know, but at least it is not The Hills, Housewives of wherever, or the like.  Right TJ?).
8.  Castle

8 Places I have traveled:
1.  New York City, my favorite!
2.  San Diego, and by result LA.  I much prefer SD to LA.
3.  Boston
4.  Whistler, British Columbia...home of the greatest skiing trip ever.
5.  Hawaii
6.  Several spots in Mexico
7.  Panama City Beach, FL...and thus Club La Vela!!
8.  Spain and France on a high school trip.

8 Places I would like to travel:
1.  Australia
2.  Hawaii, again
3.  Washington, DC, again
4.  Andalusia, AL
5.  London
6.  To every baseball stadium for a game
7.  Mt. Rushmore...I am a nerd.
8.  National Championship Football game.

8 Favorite Foods:
1.  Fridge Cookies, for every one else that would be fudge stripe cookies.
2.  Home grilled steaks.
3.  Area 41 Pizza, not Pizza Hut, Jeanne!
4.  Carrabba's Speidino de mare
5.  Green Beans
6.  Milo's Sweet Tea
7.  Mom's four layer dessert
8.  Rollie's pork tenderloin and Sherry's zucchini and squash.

Thanks for tagging me, Abbie.  HHH

Monday, June 15, 2009


I just wrote another post (I know - when it rains, it pours).  I hope I finish this little tag challenge - just to spice up some blogs!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1.  Drove back from the airport at 7 a.m. - by choice
2.  Shot a death look at a woman in Wal-Mart was crazy (see below post)
3.  Went to sister-in-law's wedding shower in Andalusia
4.  Hung out with some former students
5.  Ate at a meat n' three in Greenville, AL (and recognized a girl from classes at Auburn but couldn't place her and she didn't seem super-interested either)
6.  Gave 5 dollars to a church youth group who attacked our car at a drive thru in Prattville - I am a sucker when they say you can send a kid to camp
7.  Traded 95 dollars worth of formula at Wal-Mart (and it was just 3 and a half canisters)
8.  Changed 3 poop diapers (most in a day that I can remember to date)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1.  Lose the rest of this stinkin' baby weight - don't worry, this weekend renewed some of my determination 
2.  Meet Brody Jenner and/or the Gosselin family (even though they are played out, I know)
3.  Read books more often - I read 4 at the beach just because I had free time!
4.  Teach part-time (So far this is not an option)
5.  Sew and applique like my mom and sister (but why if they can?)
6.  Be at Auburn again - like go back in time as a college student, not just in the town
7.  Have more consistent quiet times (this is controllable!)
8.  Give this dog a tranquilizer because he is screaming in a thunderstorm and just woke Turner up

8 Shows I Watch (just 8?)

1.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette - on right now
2.  Jon and Kate Plus 8 - hoping for the best
3.  The Hills - Speidi???  Seriously.  Dear media, stop giving them attention!
4.  Army Wives
5.  King of Queens
6.  Brothers and Sisters - Heath's favorite
7.  Live with Regis and Kelly - she is so cute!
8.  American Idol 

8 Favorite Foods

1.  Spaghetti - but only how my mom makes it
2.  Milo's - but no special sauce
3.  Fruit
4.  Chocolate 
5.  Breezeway chicken (Auburn)
6.  Steak
7.  Chick-fil-A anything
8.  Quizno's turkey sandwich (but only after being pregnant)

8 Places I Have Traveled

1.  New York, New York
2.  Hawaii (honeymoon)
3.  Europe (but it has been a while)
4.  Los Angeles (this month!)
5.  Phoenix, Arizona (Grandad's old stomping grounds)
6.  Colorado (I am very graceful on skis)
7.  Mexico
8.  Jamaica

8 Places I Would Like to Travel

1.  I wish I desired to go to Europe more.  Kinda like it around here.  
2.  Australia - but it would have to be a while to get on the plane for that long
3.  The beach more often
4.  Scottsboro to see a dear friend
5.  St. Thomas
6.  New York again
7.  Orlando (been there, but it will be fun to take Turner when he is older.  Right, Emily?)
8.  Nashville - it is so cool, and I don't go there a lot

8 People I Tag

I don't think 8 people will do this, but I will say Kate and Lindsey.  Some people groan when they are tagged, but don't act like you don't read these.  At least I do! 

I am leaving you with a cute picture of Turner in Andalusia yesterday with Grandpa Frank on the tractor!!

Why didn't he get the Henderson skin?  Poor thing.


Wow - we have been at the beach for 2 weeks.  It was wonderful!  Lindsey and I (and the 3 kids) stayed in Orange Beach.  The first week Nanny and Dink (my grandparents) and Mom were there.  It was nice, but I wish you had seen the looks we got at restaurants when we walked in with Lindsey, Mom, me, a 6 month old, 7 month old, 2 year old, 85 year old and 91 year old.  At one restaurant we literally got the farthest table from the front (Oyster House) and Dink had to walk about 6 miles on his walker.  Luckily, Heath was there to help him and Dink was totally driven by oysters in sight!!  Heath stayed the weekend with us, and it was great to have him there to help.  Turner and I have been traveling since May 21st (California and then the beach), and then yesterday Heath left for New York until Wednesday night.  I had to introduce Turner to Heath.  Just kidding.  It will be nice to be here in town all together again, though.

Turner went swimming for the first time.  He loved the pool and floating around.  However, he would have NO PART of the beach.  Zero participation.  We walked outside and he screamed as if I was beating him.  Let me tell you that Heath Henderson is always hot-natured.  Always.  Our house is like an igloo.  He has passed this trait on to his son.  Turner noticed the heat and lack of air conditioning when we walked outside.  We spent 10 or so minutes setting an umbrella and chairs and exersaucer and bouncenette outside and towels and snacks and bottles and pacis, etc. for the kids.  Then, we literally walked out on to the beach, and Turner was hysterical.  He never gets that mad.  His face turned purple and he was grunting while yelling.  I tried to make him wait it out, but about 4 minutes into it, he let me know he was serious.  He and I made our way back up to the condo.  The millisecond that his little self hit the air conditioning, he calmed down.  I had to strip him down (out of his cute little bathing suit) and put him in shorts and a t-shirt before he would totally calm down.  And I think sand was on his nerves, too.  He was fine and fell asleep when we finally got changed.  No wonder, he had worn himself out!!  The weasel.  But, he made up for it when we went swimming in the afternoons and at night.  Very cute.

Kate-Bug, Blake-ems, and Turner with Gigi.  Matching outfits on the boys thanks to Lindsey's sewing!

It was great that he (and Blake and Kate) got to spend time with Nanny and Dink.  Dink calls him "smiley" (however he is Captain Whiney as I write this right now).  He mastered rolling over again and again while we were at the beach.  However, if he gets stuck on his stomach, he will let you know.  We started calling him our songbird because he does this screech/laugh talking thing constantly.  Cute but sometimes annoying!!  It is his happy sound, and it is better than crying.  However, he did it in the grocery store today and he sure can get loud!!
He also turned 6 months while we were at the beach.  We go for his 6 month appointment tomorrow, and I just can't believe how fast it goes.  I am really liking him at this age.  He giggles a lot and has funny facial expressions.  That leads me to my next story...
Yesterday I had an odd experience.  Turner and I took Heath to the airport at 7 for his flight, and then I had some errands to run.  I am a psycho about not ever paying full price for diapers and formula.  When I went back to work, Turner started taking more formula during the day (not every feeding, but about half of the feedings) and formula is SO expensive.  And it is annoying to watch bottles every day - Heath is much better at it, but anyway.  I make sure I have coupons and sales when I buy diapers and formula.  I have been waiting on formula at Publix - he likes a certain kind and they are always out of it.  Anyway, I traded some there yesterday morning.  Precious only likes Similac.  He won't take Enfamil well.  How does he know the difference???  All this to say, I was returning Enfamil at Wal-Mart after I hit Publix.  It was an ordeal - I had to trade everything in, then go get new things, then come back up to Customer Service and then go to a separate line to buy my traded-in diapers (Precious also can only wear Huggies - he breaks out in Pampers).  As I was waiting in the line (at 7:45 on Sunday morning?!) this woman started talking to Turner.  I was holding him because he was hungry, but I was trying to finish shopping.  She turns to me and says "I think y'all (who - all new mothers on the planet?) put these babies in their carseats too much.  What - is it hard to just carry your baby?"  I wanted to say, "Well, he isn't getting any lighter and how am I supposed to carry him and push a basket and then am I supposed to Britney Spears him on the way home?  You know these carseats just pop in and out?!"  But I just smiled.  Turner stuck his tongue out at her.  She walked over and said "I am going to get that tongue."  I didn't freak out - she said it sing-song and that wasn't too weird.  However, the weird part was when she stuck her FINGER in his MOUTH!!!  Then, she pulled it out and did it AGAIN!!!!  She said, "That is what I do when my cats are screaming."  I am thinking - your cats?  Seriously?  But I chickened out and said, "Oh yeah, their tongues are like sandpaper. Ha."  What??  Why did I do that???  I wanted to say "You think everyone else has germs but you, but I just saw the dirt under your fingernail caress my little boy's tongue.  INSIDE HIS MOUTH is off-limits, especially to strangers."  I should have said it.  I think she saw the horror on my face because she said, "What?  I have hand sanitizer on."  From when?  2 hours ago?  Thanks.  Here, touch his tongue again.  Seriously.  Then, she said "He is a big old boy.  Is he eating baby food?"  I said, yes, he likes peaches and sweet potatoes and bananas (Aunt Lindsey helped me with baby food boot camp at the beach).  She said, "Well, I used to eat baby food apricots ALL the time.  But now they done took the sugar out and they taste disgusting.  Poor kid."  Weirdo.
I am hoping to get pictures uploaded and then I am going to hopefully write another blog that I was tagged on.  I know - I have time on my hands since Heath is out of town.  No worries about the groceries that are still on the counter and the laundry that I haven't gotten to yet.  :)

Hangin' out in the condo and then Kate helping at bath time.  What a big girl!